Breathe Carolina – Sellouts (ft Danny Worsnop)

BreatheCarolina_SavagesAlbumArtPrior to the release of their forthcoming record ‘Savages’, the electronic rock band Breathe Carolina has revealed its second official single Sellouts, featuring Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria.

You can watch the music video for Sellouts below.

The record ‘Savages’ will be released on April 15th, through Fearless Records, and pre-orders are already available here.


The tracklisting will be as follows :

1. Bury Me
2. Bang It Out (feat. Karmin)
3. Sellouts (feat. Danny Worsnop)
4. Shots Fired
5. Collide
6. Please Don’t Say
7. Shadows
8. Savages
9. Chasing Hearts (feat. Tyler Carter)
10. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
11. Mistakes

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