The Red Zone #5 – The Wanking Perfectionist

Song writing. Touchy subject, I know. I get instant heartburn every time the subject comes up. What a bitch, huh? I mean, let’s think about it… The endless heartache. The countless arguments about structures and riffs. The nervous feeling that never settles quite right in your stomach, just like you’d eaten

The Red Zone #4 – Go To Distance

This week’s article is inspired by an interesting post on Facebook that caught my attention. As I was scrolling through the endless piles of shit exposed to me, making my brain melt faster than a nuclear fuck meltdown, I was saved by a curious little post. So in advance, I’d

The Red Zone #3 – First Impressions

. «You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.» - Mark Rogers . Alright kids, class is now in session. Let's get down to it. Put your books aside and let's talk about….. HEY, YOU DICK!                                                                    PAY ATTENTION! Alright, we good? … Cool. . 10207

The Red Zone #2 – Responsibility

There’s no other way to say this. People are pretty shitty. Inexplicably, we have a natural tendency to group ourselves with those we feel are most similar to us. In doing so, whether willingly or not, we isolate others and create a rigid hierarchy where we leave those different from us