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Are you a creative? 
Has music always been there for you when you needed it most?
Do you enjoy telling the world how amazing the lyrics of your favorite songs are?

We, at Plug-In have made the choice to tell you stories about artists, records, events, initiatives and everything music has to offer. This is not about how many breakdowns a band put out on their latest record, this is not about why the said band didn’t choose to play this song live. This about telling you about the universe the band have created around their music. Music happens on and off the stage and we are all part of the experience, in our own way, but we also need to share it with the others. We aim to be the platform your are looking for to express your passion for music, for the local band next door you believe in, for the song that makes you cry and the soundtrack of your childhood.

If you too (still) believe in this magic and want to tell the World about it, then we are waiting for you! Whether you are a wordsmith a photographer or a painter, we are here to listen to you and do our best to make your contribution a fulfilling experience.

If you’d like to contribute, send an email to contact@plugin-mag.com with:

  • Your name, age and location;
  • What brought you here short explanation of why and how you would like to contribute to P/I;
  • A sample piece of work you are proud of, whether it’s previously published work or original content of yours, or a new idea you are pitching that would potentially become your first published contribution to P/I;

We are looking for :

  • A good command of the English language;
  • A creative mind, with a spirit of initiative;
  • A sense of involvement;
  • Passion;
  • Enthusiasm!


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Note: At this time, contributions are unpaid. We are however hoping to give you the opportunity to build something with this community of ours, explore your own capacities and grow with your passion. We are not professionals, but we will definitely support you through this journey together (which can come with perks sometimes ;)) and make sure you progress thoughout the process. There is no required availability, you will be able to work at your own pace, as long as you honor the commitments you make.

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