It Gets Better & COUNTERFEIT’s triumphant return to the stage

Counterfeit – Paris, Nov. 2019 © Mariam B. //

Never have COUNTERFEIT. ever been so at odds with their own band name.
How it felt good to have the band back in Paris! After a crazy show at La Maroquinerie back in early 2016 the band left us with a warm feeling and one of those unexpected shows you’d keep in mind for a while. We, of course, had high hopes for this one, wondering if the band had kept that raw and intense energy. But mainly, we were eager to discover new tracks and see how the band has evolved in almost 4 years. Spoiler: A positive rock show that felt really good and important to witness this time around.

COUNTERFEIT. walked in on Paralysed, a song that has a good rhythm as an intro, immediately putting the energy level high and setting the tone of the show. The band followed up with Getting Over It showing good guitar skills and giving the opportunity to the audience to join in on the choruses. This was just the start, as singer and frontman Jamie Bower – with a very simple yet grunge look and attitude – came to jump in the crowd surrounded by an audience singing back the words to him. Later in the evening, he pursued his stroll and jumped on the venue bar, before joining the pit again. A very natural thing he tends to do which always gives another dimension to the band’s performance, allowing a deeper connection between them and their audience.

COUNTERFEIT. played a good mix between older classics off their last album «Together We Are Stronger» and several new numbers that have yet to be discovered by the masses. It felt like no matter what the songs were, the audience was excited to simply have the band back and hear them play. Even their successful cover of Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots had the fans ecstatic, giving an updated version of the song filled with emotions yet keeping an intense liveliness always increasing since the beginning of the show.

Counterfeit – Paris, Nov. 2019 © Mariam B. //

One of the most notable features about COUNTERFEIT. it that they have has a deep connection with their audience and it’s always one of the best parts of their performances, completely transforming the songs and adding a new dimension to their studio work. COUNTERFEIT. clearly put an effort into each of their shows, needing the audience’s vibes and energy to give their best. And that necessary, intense connection was highlighted by the musicians’ attitude and their wish of sharing their own experiences. Throughout the set, COUNTERFEIT. communicated genuine values of empowerment and self-love like on 11:44 or the rock track Get Out; one about vulnerability and struggling with drug addiction. The band then ended their set with their colourful new single It Gets Better and one final message to spread love, joy and to always support each other. The right song and the perfect note to end a unique, powerful, and energetic alt-rock show.

That night, COUNTERFEIT. definitely managed to live up to the challenge and turn a random Tuesday into a good night out, checking out a band that was definitely worth it. We are confident the foursome have put their time off to good use, reconnecting with themselves as individuals, but also reinforcing the bond between them as artists forming a band. Has anyone else noticed the complicity going house right, between Tristan Marmont and Roland Johnson? Finding this harmony is surely one of the main reasons why COUNTERFEIT. is slowly becoming one of the must-see bands in the alt. scene. That will only be clearer when the new album drops, hopefully next year.

We eventually came home at peace and with positive energy singing loudly in our heads the motto that IT GETS BETTER. And that’s right, now Christmas is just around the corner!


Words: R.G



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