Album review: Of Allies – Fragments (EP)

FragmentsDigitalCoverFINALI’ve been stuck in this terrible ‘I-need-new-music-rut’ lately so I was really happy when Of Allies’ new EP ‘Fragments’ ended up in my mailbox.
The Yorkshire rockers will release their second EP on may 11th, following up their debut EP ‘Tempers’. Now in comparison to ‘Tempers’, ‘Fragments is a hell of a lot darker and it shows in riffs, drums, pretty much every single part as well as the artwork.

‘Fragments’ consists of 5 songs and once again it’s so damn hard to pick a favorite. The opening track for ‘Fragments’ is Fragments. I’m sure it makes sense to every single one of you out there but I just confused myself writing that sentence, once again, not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes.
Fragments has everything you could ever want in an opening track. It starts off with an amazing intro that immediately captures your attention and ensues with vocals that are damn near hypnothizing.

I love ONE19. I love everything about it, the crisp drums, the vocals, the bass, every single aspect, but dat guitar though. I’ve listened to it over and over and over again and those riffs are making me really happy. That lovely guitar work continues in Old Bones, and together with vocals, bass and drums it’s simply a masterpiece. Every single piece fits perfectly together and creates one hell of a song that you’ll be guaranteed to put on repeat.
And just like Fragments is the perfect opening track, Call It Home is the perfect closing. It slows things down a bit but then picks up some tempo and that’s exactly what ties the whole EP together. And God those vocals, much wow is what I’m telling you. Now it wouldn’t be fair to simply focus on vocals and guitar work and not mention the incredible drums and bass lines that are simply on point.

Of Allies are set to tour in May in the UK so keep an eye out for that because I’m pretty sure they’re amazing live!

I’ll give ‘Fragments’ 4 out of 5 pizza slices because it’s a brilliant follow-up EP; Of Allies have clearly stepped up their game with this one!

You can check out Of Allies on Facebook and their official Website and check out the official video for ONE19 down below!


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