EP Review : Carson State – H.G.H.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 14.00.24Some people say that metalcore has nothing left to bring to the scene and that every band sounds the same. Now, while we’ll admit it might be true for some, Carson State‘s ‘H.G.H.’ is everything but that. This five track debut has left us wanting more and expecting more cool things from the Lyon based quintet.

 The band wastes no time and starts melting the listener’s face off right in the opener, the title track H.G.H., which is a pretty good taste of what’s to come further in the EP. The heavy and angry screams are well accompanied by impeccable clear vocals all along. Contrarily to a lot of metalcore bands out there, both screamed and clean vocals manage to exist independently in songs without feeling forced or messy and that is a very good point.

The songs are coherent as a whole and make the EP even more solid than it already is, without sounding the same and feeling monotonous, although the band shows they can do something else than just heavy riffs and angry vocals on the heartfelt, slower Abandoned Pride. The band strikes back with the next track Pretend And Despise, which might just be the angriest song on the release.

The EP ends on the remarkable standout track What Has been Done, and we will pleasantly catch glimpses of While She Sleeps in it, with the same heartfelt, gut-wrenching vocals and the closing line sung by a choir.

Overall, it is an impeccably produced debut that Carson State have released, and while it certainly does not revolutionize the genre, ‘H.G.H.’ is a promising debut.

We certainly can’t wait to see the band play these songs live and in the meantime, you can discover (and support) them by buying the album on bandcamp.


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