EP Review : Homebound – Coming Of Age

Homebound COA ArtworkDid we ever mention we loved pop punk ? If you do too, then sit comfortably, and get your headphones : the band we’ll be talking about today is definitely worth a listen. Just like Neck Deep and As It Is,Homebound are from the good old UK, and have just released ‘Coming Of Age’, their debut EP.

“The majority of the release was written over the past year in Tom’s bedroom,” says vocalist Charlie Boughton,and while ‘coming of age’ isn’t something you usually title your  debut release,the Farnham quintet already sound sure of where they’re going, (at least musically— if they were one hundred percent sure about where they’re headed to in life,they wouldn’t be that pop punk,would they ?), and the title track is proof of that. It’s your typical pop punk anthem,without being generic,and just like fourth track Clutching Straws (a personal favourite),we can perfectly see ourselves dancing/moshing/eating pizza to it. We’re putting on our best pop punk outfit as we speak.

So, in short, if you like nice, sunny, posi pop punk, this band is for you. They don’t sound like every other pop punk band ever, we promise. See for yourself below and if you like what you hear, you can even purchase the EP on bandcamp!


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