Album Review : Knuckle Puck – While I Stay Secluded (EP)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 21.45.25With a tour with Senses Fail recently wrapped up and even more exciting plans in the making, Knuckle Puck, Chicago’s most promising pop-punk band have nothing left to prove ; their split with Neck Deep earlier this year earned them the attention they deserve from the scene, and they’re finally back with their own release.

‘While I Stay Secluded’ is their third release, and it feels like a matured version of their angry and upset previous releases ‘The Weight That You Buried’ and ‘Don’t Come Home’. But don’t be fooled ; their anger is still there, raspier and more honest than ever— reminding us of fellow Chicago pop-punkers Real Friends, in the best way.

Tracks Oak Street and Alexander Pl. have a sense of coming of age in them, while In My Room and Bedford Falls are Knuckle Puck at their finest : angry, scarred, and honest. Joe Taylor’s words ring true once again and naturally follow up the previous releases without making any repetitions, loaded with themes such as loneliness and making mistakes.

Overall,this EP is a great way for Knuckle Puck to steady their footing as a band and anchor down their feet in a scene that some could call repetitive and generic, but it is more than clear that they’re everything but that. We can only hope that this well executed, honest release leads them to a well deserved full length album!


Knuckle Puck While I Stay Secluded’
Released :
October 28, 2014


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