EP Review: Like Pacific – Like Pacific

Like PacificToronto’s Like Pacific are putting the punk back into pop. If you haven’t heard the waves they’ve been causing on the scene already, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen to them right away, because they’re on the up and up. Pure Noise Records have a great eye for picking out that something special amongst the masses, and if this EP is just a taste of what’s to come, colour us very, very excited.

Coming in fast and furious, Sigh of Relief clocks in at just under one and a half minutes of sheer rock mania. Like Pacific mean business, proving that their newfound place on the Pure Noise roster is well deserved. Eviction only serves to hammer that home, bringing angry lyrics like “it’s not your fault you’re sick”. They hold their own amongst their peers, easily as hard-hitting as The Story So Far, and as melodic as Elder Brother.

With next track Clarity they slow things down (only slightly), bringing the vocals into prominence over a wave of spirited riffs. 105 McCaul St. livens up the pace again, with an energetic drumbeat and a definitive bass line that keeps your heart racing at full speed. This is a band designed to be seen live, if only so you can jump around in the inevitable mosh pit that breaks out—just hearing this will have you up on your feet. And to finish off the headbang party, Suffering has plenty of uplifting riffs, heavy drumbeats, and solid, raw lyrics to keep you pumped long after the EP is over.

‘Like Pacific’ is a no nonsense, pure rock workout for your ears, your vocals, and your fists. So get ready to see this band explode onto the scene packing more of a punch than a band far beyond their years.



Like Pacific – Like Pacific EP

Release: 20/1/15 via Pure Noise Records

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