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Field Report #2 – Things in Music you should check out

Hello @ all! We’re not going to fuss about how everything sucks this year and everything has been said already. So instead, here are some cool things in music you should check out this week!

  • PUP – QUARANZINE + New cover song

At the beginning of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown we’ve all been subjected to, PUP had started working on PUPTHEZINE Vol. 4, a fun little project they later titled QUARANZINE. The final result contains various forms of PUP-related entertainment, including cut-out PUP figurines, guitar tabs for “Anaphylaxis”, a flexi-disc of a ska song written in quarantine and many other goodies.  It is already available for pre-order HERE.
“We hope you’ll view this thing for what it is: a time capsule. It is the four members of PUP, bored as fuck, fresh off a cancelled tour, trying to create something as silly as possible because, at the time, we wanted a distraction. Although it doesn’t necessarily represent our current emotional states, we had a good laugh making it and had a good laugh revisiting it all these months later. Honestly, that’s why we started making these zines in the first place. If you buy this thing, we hope it helps you find a bit of levity in what has been an incredibly bleak few months.
Along with this announcement, PUP have also released today a new cover song for Grandaddy’s  “A.M. 180″, which they cite as one of the most underrated indie bands of their generation. Pup’s take on this track. Watch it here: GRANDADDY – AM. 180 (PUP COVER)
  • DIKEMBE release their own video game

Indie rock band DIKEMBE have released a 2D, music side-scroller video game, which comes just in handy for this slow summer, where everyone is looking for things to fill their time.
The game is available on Android and iOS and is available here : DIKEMBE VIDEO GAME.
  • Compilation: “sous les pavés, la rage” (translate: under the pavement, the rage)

Police violence and systemic racism have been debated a lot recently and many voices have risen during these times. This compilation gathers many great French bands from the “extreme” scene, including Birds in Row, Sordide, Heir…and so not only it’s great for your listening pleasure, but you’ll also be doing your part, since all the proceeds will go out to “La Vérité pour Adama” and indirectly supports the BLM cause on a larger scale. 



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