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Field Report #1 : Things You Missed (these past few months)

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Summer is just around the corner, yet we all agree that we don’t really know where did this year go or how we made it through it, so far. One thing for sure, in the whirlwind of events we have been (and still are) facing along the way, the music community made everything possible to keep it bearable even from distance. We gathered a few nice things that have seen the light of the day in these past few months, that you might have missed and hopefully they’ll help you cope with these weird times, just like they did for us. Here’s your June field report!

Instrumentals can be really helpful in times like these, not only it’s relaxing, but it also provides with a nice environment to those of you who are home officing or simply isolating. In fact, working in complete silence can be difficult and boring, yet listening to your favorite songs with lyrics can be distracting. That’s when instrumental tracks come in handy. A few artists have recently released instrumental records:
  • Parkway DriveViva The Underdogs: The film-documentaries following Parkway Drive’s incredible year on the road. It might be the third documentaries they release, but it’s certainly their most ambitious to date, proving once again their amazing rise in the metal scene worlwide. Parkway Drive crafted an ambitious release for the movie since it has been screened in several theatres around the World at the beginning of the year. During the pandemic and while almost everybody in the world was locked in their homes, the band held a streaming event for Viva The Underdogs online and recently made the movie available to buy. Watch it if you still haven’t!
  • Northlane: Negative Energy: This documentary is a project that Northlane have been working on for the past two years, with photographer/filmmaker Neal Walters. Covering the whole ‘Alien’ cycle, from recording to touring, Negative Energy highlights the struggles and obstacles Northlane had to overcome throughout the process, as a collective but also as individuals, especially from vocalist Marcus Bridge’s perspective. The band describe it as “revealing” and hope that it will somehow inspire the viewers;
  • The Maine: An Acoustic Evening With The Maine, from 2014 – A beautiful trip down memory lane, because we can all use some sweet nostalgia right now;
  • While She SleepsSo What? Documentary (Extended Cut): While She Sleeps have released a longer version of their documentary about the journey that took them to the release of ‘So What?’
  • Fever 333 – Long Live The Innocent (live stream performance): More recently and in the light of the events that are taking place at the moment, Fever333 have played a live-demonstration online. With the aim of going beyond awareness, Fever 333 encourage people to start taking action for social and racial justice.
  • Racism in the punk scene – a conversation led by Black Voices”: a live conversation between Jason Butler, Hanif Abdurraqib, Sky Acord, Aaron Brown, Jordan Calhoun & moderated by Courtney Coles. The discussion revolves around the speakers’ experiences in the punk scene and how we can raise awareness and move forward towards inclusivity and equality. Hosted by Emo nite LA.
  • Boutique Sounds Podcasts: Calling all professional musicians, Josh Smith (Northlane) and Chris Blancato (Bare Bones), co-founders of Boutique Sounds have launched a podcast in which they discuss technical aspects of the music with professional musicians and a network of guests from the industry. Boutique Sounds is an Australian online retailer of boutique music products;

  • Stick To Your Guns – Against Them All Podcast: A podcast going in depth about all things STYG related, but also thoughts about social climate and current events.
That’s it for today, see you next round!

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