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It’s so close to release day for Friends of Foes! Their new EP ‘Faults‘ is coming your way on February 12th, and to prepare you for this joyous occasion, the band have told Plug-In exclusively all about it. This track-by-track breakdown explores what each song means to the band members, and what you need to expect when listening.

Check out what the band had to say below, watch their new music video for lead single and title track “Faults”, and then pre-order the EP here!

Track 1 – “Nowhere”

“Nowhere” started out as a bass chorus riff I wrote with a set of lyrics. After pitching it to the band and messing around with it for a bit, we shelved the idea to maybe use at later date. Fast forward a few months and we came back to the idea, this time erasing the original vocal idea I had written and subbing in a melody and harmony part the four of us had come up with during a separate writing session. This sort of collaboration and matching parts together is how most of our song-writing takes place and really showcases all four voices in the band, right off the bat. (Matt Stinn, Guitarist)

Track 2 – “Dance In The Dark” 

“Dance in the Dark” is a fun uplifting journey into a long distance relationship. It speaks to those who believe that no matter what it takes, the one who means the most reigns supreme. Those who will do anything to be with that person even if you are worlds apart. From the perspective of he or she who has to move away, telling their loved one that it’s going to be okay, because there is nothing their love can’t handle, and not even their dreams can change that. I hope there are people out there that connect with this song, whether it’s through my meaning or their own unique take. That’s what music is all about: sharing, and relating to one another. (Celeste Nicholson, Singer)

Track 3 – “Midnight”

Potentially the most straight-forward pop song on the EP, “Midnight” is in a class of its own. High energy, hooky melodies and meaningful lyrics that capture the crowd’s attention make this song a high point of our live set. Thinking back on the writing of this song, it was perhaps the easiest and quickest to come to fruition. Everyone seemed really on the same page as to where this song needed to go and aside from Celeste and myself workshopping our harmonies, it was tight from day one. This song features some pretty fantastic bass and drum licks as well as a very high energy ending. (Matt Stinn, Guitarist) 

Track 4 – “Monarch” 

“Monarch” is probably going to surprise some people. It’s slow, groovy, and has some elements that make it a bit of a black sheep on the EP. The last two minutes of the song also seem to be a major highlight in our live set. Writing it was actually pretty challenging. We had difficulty piecing some of the parts together and had to really take our time writing. We only completed the song a couple weeks before recording it since the ending took so long to finish. I think the work paid off though because it’s definitely my favourite song on the album and one of the most enjoyable to play. (Keegan Stretch, Drums)

Track 5 – “Faults” 

As we began to record ‘Faults‘ in the studio, it quickly became clear that it was going to be the single and the title of the EP. The song begins softly, quickly moving into a groovy rhythm backed by a soothing guitar melody. As the vocals build in intensity, so too does the song and by the end, we’re all chanting the chorus repeatedly. The lyrics are strong and meaningful to us in this song, reminding us that we can only move forward through the good and the bad as we continuously grow. (Anthony Nickel, Bass)

Track 6 – “Diving In” 

Growing up I feel the people that have helped me the most in life, are those who have similar or relatable life experiences. As well as people who seek advice or a light in the dark, have also looked for it from me. Sharing your struggles with people who may be going through similar things as you, can prove be valuable even if it’s just to make them feel like they are not alone. This song is entrenched with subtext, but on the surface it may just sound like a song about water, the ocean, or an island. However, under those pretty words and melodies, it’s about using our mistakes or past experiences to help each other come back from those dark places. Your friends or family may need someone to talk to; their pain might be living in the subtext, just like this song. I still feel that talking to someone or asking for help is the best way to a life with less hurt. “Diving In” is a way to reach out to those who may not have someone to talk to. As well as to let them know that there are people just like them out there, and that there is hope. (Celeste Nicholson, Singer)

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