Great Stuff You Missed – May 2018 Round Up


We all feel under the water sometimes when so much music is being released at the same time. No worries, we’ve got your back. We compiled here our favorite new tracks from last month. Here’s the great stuff you missed!


Slowly, Slowly – Ten Leaf Clover

If there’s one band we absolutely fell in love with, this year, it has to be this one. Slowly, Slowly have just recently put out this music video for the single Ten Leaf Clover. The song is featured on their brand new album ‘St. Leonards’ (out May 11 on UNFD)


Northlane – Heartmachine

Northlane got us used to cinematic visuals and complex concepts revolving around their music. The music video for Heartmachine is no exception and is yet another display for their artistic thinking. It is also through this video that Northlane have started to round off the ‘Mesmer’ era. With only a few tours left this year, 2018 will mark the conclusion of this cycle.


State Champs – Crystal Ball

State Champs are back with new music! Shortly after announcing the release of their upcoming record, with lead single Dead and Gone, the NYC pop punks have put out Crystal Ball, for everyone’s enjoyment.



Trash Boat – Shade

May also marked the release of this huge track for Trash Boat, who are currently setting themselves as a force to be reckoned with in their musical landscape. Trash Boat will be releasing their album ‘Crown Shyness’ on July 20, through Hopeless Records.


Homesafe – Run

Homesafe will be releasing hteir new album ‘One’ on July 29. In the meantime, you can check out this brand new music video for the song Run. If you enjoy what you’re listening, you can even preorder the album already!


Comeback Kid release double single

Check out Comeback Kid‘s double single which consists in one cover plus one new original track. Another strong release, the band never disappoints.


Culture Abuse – Bee Kind to The Bugs

New Culture Abuse album is getting closer and closer! Listen to this new song Bee Kind To The Bugs and don’t miss Culture Abuse on tour in Europe this summer!


Shvpes – Undertones

SHVPES have returned with a brand new track, after a silent year or so. Undertones is an interesting and complex track, that has aroused our curiosity for what’s coming next. SHVPES also have a few shows lined up this summer and you should act fast if you don’t want to miss them!


Didirri – I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My head

Singer-songwriter Didirri has once again come and blessed our ears with this new song Can’t Get Last Night Out of My Head


Friends of Foes – Bare Boned

Remember Friends Of Foes? We ‘ve been following their work for quite a while and we are delighted to see how they keep pushing boundaries. Their new single Bare Boned is a proof of their will to always come back with something fresh and new for their listeners, which we appreciate.


In Dynamics – Happy and Honest

There’s something in In Dynamics‘ new song Happy and Honest, that only makes you want to listen to it 5 times in a row and we’re all for this! Listen to it now.



The Devil Wears Prada cover Julien Baker’s Sour Breathe

The last thing we were expecting was for The Devil Wears Prada to cover a Julien Baker song. Their take is pleasing and it’s worth listening!


Trophy Eyes release new single / announce new album

Trophy Eyes have finally put out a new song AND announced a new album. Check out new single and music video for You Can Count On Me and get ready for “The American Dream”, out on August, 3! In their own words, this track “isn’t even close to the best song on  [their] next record” ; we’re waiting.



This year is definitely a good one for music and we’re not even halfway through it! You will find below the records that caught our attention throughout the month of May. Enjoy!

  • Aquilo – ii
  • Parkway Drive – Reverence
  • The Ever Living – Herephamine
  • Peace – Kindness is the new Rock’n’roll
  • Trampled By Turtles – Life is good on the Open Road
  • West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different
  • Slowly, Slowly – St. Leonards
  • blanket – How To Let Go
  • Chase Huglin – Will The Sun ever Come Back
  • Elder Brother – Stay Inside
  • Now, Now – Saved
  • Columbus – A Hot Take On Heartbreak
  • Svalbard – It’s Hard to Have Hope
  • Dream On, Dreamer – It Comes and Goes
  • Retirement Party – Somewhat Literate
  • William Ryan Key – Thirteen (EP)
  • Pressure Cracks – Pressure Cracks (EP)
  • Youngest – Could Never Be  You (EP)
  • Dream State – Recovery (EP)
  • Slowtrip – Blur (EP)
  • Woes – Self-Help (EP)
  • Merge – Touch, pt II (EP)

Happy listening!

I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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