Greyson Chance takes Portraits to Europe

Greyson Chance – Paris, Oct. 2019 © Mariam B. //
2019 is the year of Greyson Chance it seems. Making a fabulous return, with an introspective album called Portraits, the singer and songwriter definitely didn’t rest on his laurels during his break from this whole mess of an industry. Now more at peace with himself, he is ready for a brand new chapter of his life, where he reveals a whole side of himself that was yet to be discovered by the masses.

In ‘Portraits’, Chance deals with personal growth, as well as his own vulnerability, which he also mentions during his charming live performances over the continent. It’s the first time he’s playing proper shows in Europe, despite years of touring the world when he first exploded as a tiny phenomenon (y’all remember this Paparazzi cover, right?)
Greyson Chance wants you to be yourself and accept yourself the way you are, because he ended up coming to terms with his own insecurities and inner demons, so why won’t you, too? This is probably the reason why many of his listeners found refuge in his music in the first place.
Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t write the second chapter of your own story, because you can”, he summons the couple hundreds of people clustered was in the tiny club. Indeed, Chance took the time he needed to look back and figure out what to do with his life, after the whole celebrity thing happened to him. Pursue college and an ordinary life? He tried and eventually came to the conclusion that music is what really animates him. A bit of thought, which seems to have helped him grow and reach a maturity that is rare for young men his age.
Greyson Chance – Paris, Oct. 2019 © Mariam B. //
Creatively speaking, Greyson Chance was reborn after this, himself refers to « portraits » as his debut album, when technically it isn’t. But with songs like west texas and closer white roses, he’s finally himself and can confidently call this art his own.
Sonically, the singer and songwriter seems to have found the perfect formula for being as lively as intense, while remaining authentic at the same time. We loved dancing to shut up and sing along to yours.
The young man is still a story teller and has still some anger to get rid off, which you can easily notice every time he introduces a song as a big fuck you to anyone who rejected him or discouraged him from pursuing his dreams and achieving his goals. His message, however is a positive one overall, in so far as he encourages his pairs to believe in who they are and what they want. It is important, as an artist with some level of influence over the youth, to be able to carry such messages of hopes positivity, acceptance and awareness, because many of Chance’s listeners see him as a role model and it shows!
Greyson Chance is definitely onto bigger things and his come back is definitely not hazardous. He seems to have carefully crafted, step by step, his way back to this world, but the way he wants it’s this time around.
Catch Greyson Chance on tour in Europe next year, with stops in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris.
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