Relevant initiatives in music you should check out this month

Sometimes it’s nice to remember that there are still good people on this planet and that it doesn’t take much to help things go better. Our community is also about helping each other and while we can’t change the face of the Earth overnight, there is always something we can do. Here are some beautiful initiatives that have surfaced in the music community these past few weeks and thought we should share with you.


“EARTH DAY” – Green Day Tribute & a Puerto Rico relief effort

This initiative from Pinegrove‘s Evan Stephens Hall and jodi‘s Nick Levine gathered fantastic artists of their community, such as Kevin Devine, Ratboys,  Adult Mom and Lomleda to release Green Day cover songs. Not only these takes are pleasant to hear – They would brighten your day for sure – but the profits they make go directly to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund (

Commenting on the initiative, evan and nick stated : “initially we had discussed donating the funds from this to an environmental org with a larger / more global focus, but today, october first 2017, the day “when september ends,” things are more urgent in a localized way than any of us could have anticipated when we started organizing this. the people of puerto rico are suffering at the intersection of environmental catastrophe and colonial subjugation and your donation here will help provide them desperately needed material support.”


THIRTY DAYS OF YES – A mixtape for mariage equality

Functioning as a “one song a day” for the next 30 days, “Thirty Days of Yes” is a subscription mixtape, developed by a bunch of great Australian musicians. Twerps, Beaches, DARTS, The Murlocs, Hockey Dad and many more are part of the release.
As you should know by now, Australia is currently one month away from closing the Marriage Law Postal Survey and this initiative is here to support the ‘YES’ message, especially to those who don’t have a voice in this debate. Therefore, all the profits will go to 2 LGBTQI+ youth organisations : Minus18 and Twenty10. Subscribe / Donate here :


AB for Famine 12-12

Consortium 12-12 is a group of 6 renowned organizations (Handicap International, Doctors of the World, & UNICEF Belgium, for example) who joined forces to help vulnerable populations in countries who suffer from famine, through actions such as Famine 12-12. Amongst their actions : building drinking water systems, medical care, children protection, improving sanitation…Famine 12-12 takes action in countries such as Somalia and Nigeria and relies on donations.
Popular Belgian venue Ancienne Belgique (AB) supports Consortium 12-12’s action and recently launched this year a campaign during which concert-goers and music lovers can make donations through the venue (online while ordering tickets, by making deposits at the venue in donation boxes…)
Since it’s launch in May 2017, the campaign has raised 22,000€ and still counting!
The initiative closes on November, so you still have a few more weeks to participate.

In their own words : “Together we can make a difference, together we can create #ABetterworld.”


CITIZEN – As You Please

Citizen have released their new album ‘As You Please’ and in addition to being available to stream on bandcamp, you can also purchase it on the same platform. What happens next is that 1$ from every purchase will be donated to, to benefit hurricane Maria victims and we can only support the initiative.







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