Interview : Coldburn – Bruges, BE (17.10.2013)


Over a week ago, we got to sit with Coldburn for a little chat before their last show with Your Demise in Bruges, Belgium.

Some of the members (Johannes/vocals, Jonas/bass, LJ/drums and Chris/guitar) gladly answered to our questions about their touring, what they have been up to and the story of the band as well.





– Tonight is your last show with Your Demise on their farewell tour, how did it go? Is it any different from a ‘classic’ tour?
– Jo : All in all the whole tour was pretty cool for us. Your Demise killed it at every show. I think we gained a new kind of people listening to our music with those concerts. So, in retrospective, it was pretty cool for us, every single concert. Cologne was the best.


– Can you name your favorite song from Your Demise?
– LJ : These lights.
– Chris : Yeah, definitly These Lights.
– Jonas: I’d probably go with that one too.


– Well, you toured with great hardcore bands like Brutality will Prevail, No Turning Back and now Your Demise, how does it affect you as a band?
– Chris : All the tours have been amazing, it’s always a new experience and every show was good. I mean, every tour is taking Coldburn to another level and we have to interact with different people and differend kind of hardcore music. All in all it’s been amazing to tour with these bands.
– LJ: I guess that touring is the best part of being in a band. So every tour was a blessing for us.
– Chris : Yeah, and a lot of fun.


– You’re a german band and Germany is known to be a great country for music in general, it always attracts the best tours and every band love its public. In your opinion, why is that?
– Jo : I think we spoke about it with Your Demise as well, and they pointed out that when it comes to the hardcore scene, Germany has the most busy scene in Europe now, or for the last 5 or 10 years, I don’t know. And there are definitly differences between different cities and areas of Germany. Also, bandwise, Germany brought out amazing bands the last 3 years, new young hardcore bands, a kind of new generation. Actually, it’s hard to speak for your own country, I think it’s better to ask other bands. When I speak with others, they’re always like ‘Germany is one of the most busy scenes’.


– What are your thoughts in general about this alternative scene, what are its strengths and how is it evolving nowadays?
– Jonas: I think there are so many different levels when we talk about the alternative scene, there is the Impericon hardcore scene, and the ‘scene kids’ so I don’t think we can speak in general. So, like Johannes pointed out earlier, hardcore is somehow on the rise again and there are so many bands starting up or evolving and taking it to the next level.
– Jo: I think that the alternative thing in it is that we meet in places like this youth center for example, that’s what makes it special, we play in unusual places, we can play anywhere just to get the crowd to listen to our music.


– You’ve released ‘The Harsh Fangs of Life’ over a year ago, are you currently working on some new metarial?
– Jo : It’s kind of hard. We tried to work on some new songs but we also played every week since we released our record, we played several tours. We tried to write some new material but we don’t have any songs yet. Maybe next year, we’ll try to release a new album but nothing is fixed yet.
– LJ : Yeah, it’s pretty hard for us to get all together because we live in different cities in Germany.
– Jo: We’re just starting to think about it and we will get serious in the beginning of 2014 and hopefully two years maximum after releasing the first album will come the second one. That’s the plan.


– Alright. Before this record, you’ve released two other EPs, how do you think the band has evolved (musically and personally) through these releases?
– Jo: Well, we started in 2009 with a slightly different lineup, we changed the bassist 2011. He was the ‘motor’ of the band in the beginning, he was very into song writting. In the Demo and the first EP there is a lot of heavy influences and when he left, we had to reinvente and find a new way to write songs. I think you can hear it when you listen to the first EP ‘Hybris’ and the record ‘The Harsh Fangs Of Life’ that there is definitly a change. I can’t really say what it is. It’s probably a bit less metal and now we have influences from everywhere. And I would love to change a little bit in every record, because when it comes to me, as a listener, I love to hear a band growing up.

-What is the story behind Coldburn and what made music a choice for your life career?
– LJ : Coldburn started out as a jam project between our guitar player and me. Then, it moved on with Johannes becoming the singer and we got a bass player and a guitarist, we jammed, rehearsed and now here we are.


– What is in highschool or afterwards?
– Jo : No, it was way after that, some of us knew before.
– Chris: We met at concerts.
– Jo: Yeah, to make it simple, it was built out of people from the local hardcore scene that met at concerts. And then we asked the others to join.
– LJ : It’s just normal hardcore kids that want to play music, want to tour and we are pretty happy that it turned out that well and we had all the opportunities that you named before, that we played a shit load of shows with a lot of great bands. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.


– You’ve been a band for almost 4 years now, where do you see this band in 4 or maybe 10 others?
– Jo : For me, that’s way too far. As we said about the next record, we’re just thinking a year ahead and I have no idea about what will come after that. We need to write our next record and we’ll definitly go on tours, we want to take a step forward reaching other countries we’ve never been to.
– LJ : Touring, writing and playing shows.


– What is your most memorable event as a band and show so far?
– Chris : Playing with Judge was very impressive. I mean it’s one of the most known hardcore band and it was so cool to get a chance to play with them. So, that was my most memorable moment.


– What is your current tour playlist in the van?
– Jo: I think each one has to speak for himself. So mine is the new Haim record and I listen a lot to Ryan Bingham at the moment.
– LJ : Taking back Sunday, Kickback and the new Citizen record.
– Chris: Mine is Florence + The machine, always Trapped Under Ice and Brutality Will Prevail as well.
– Jonas: Iron Chic and also Braveyoung.


– Okay. What is for you guys the best records of 2013?
– Jo : I leave it just in the hardcore section and I would say Twitching Tongues ‘In love there is no law’. That’s definitly the best release for me so far this year and I think there will be no others.
– Jonas : For me it’s Downpresser – ‘Don’t need a Reason’.
– LJ: Yeah ‘Don’t need a Reason’ is an awesome Record. The new Morality‘s ‘No Morality’ is also great.
– Chris : I’m gonna go with the new Down to Nothing record ‘Life On the James’.


– What is next for Coldburn?
– Jo : After ending up this tour, we play some more shows. In the beginning of 2014, there are some serious touring plans that are not official yet. And we’ll start writting the new record.


– To end, do you have something else to add?
– LJ: Follow me on instagram @ljxcold (laughs).
– Jo: Just come to our concerts, be yourselves and stay true.
– Chris: Enjoy yourselves.


– Okay. Thank you guys for your time!



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