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Let’s be honest, we’ll never ever find the new Jimmy Eat World and no one will ever do anything like American Football did, back in the day. However, our generation brought to light some quality bands to get us our fix of emotional music. We had seahaven and more recently the likes of (the underrated) Grandview and Hot Mulligan, who released one good contender for album of the year 2018. But have you ever thought of just looking around you, before venturing in farther lands? We tend to forget that we are surrounded by great talents, which no one really talks about. It’s high time we started doing justice to these artists starting with Mountains To Move.

“Your girlfriend’s favorite boyband”

Hailing from Antwerp in Belgium, Mountains To Move is your typical story of a bunch of high school friends, who decided to form a band and make music like their elders; the artists they look up to. Combining elements of Emo/Pop punk & Shoegaze, they quickly got noticed and earned tons of opportunities to play shows locally, but also outside the borders. In addition to this, you’ve probably crossed paths with Mountains To Move at one of their numerous performances, supporting international acts (Apologies, I Have None, Boston Manor, Wallflower,  Lower Than Atlantis… ) and fairly decent festival appearances: “Playing Rock Herk last Summer for like 500 people in the crowd felt surreal.” 
Mountains To Move stand out through the diversity in their sound. It is obviously difficult to pin it down to one genre, but what’s the point in labeling it anyway? This is the result of their multiple influences on the one hand but also their will to experiment on the other hand.
Their new tracks Drown and Left Or Right more recently mark a new chapter for Mountains To Move. Sonically joyful and uplifting, those of you who know their earlier work will certainly notice the change. Even visually, things seem brighter than they used to be (see Drown’s artwork), but according to vocalist Quinten Pas, it wasn’t even intentional. What’s interesting though, is that reading through the lyrics, the Mountains To Move trademark with those dark and captivating lyrics remains present : “It’s a bit of a Mountains to Move signature, combining poppy music with darker lyrics, to bring that Emo pop mixture we love; a metaphor of how life can be.”
Mountains To Move‘s lyrics are indeed moving. They have always been. As many of their peers and artists in general, their art serve as some sort of a therapy, a way to release deeply personal demons. It’s cathartic : “Writing these emotional and personal lyrics helps me get things off my chest. I write about the things that keep me up at night, mostly misanthropic and existential themes, but also broken relationships or family illness.” Quinten then detailed with an example with their latest single Left or Right, which is about indecisiveness : “It’s about reaching a  point in your life where you have to choose what you want to do with your life and each decision might have a negative outcome, so you’d rather just stay in one place. You stay stagnant.”

First impressions matter

It’s hard to believe that Mountains To Move haven’t been around for long. Their songwriting is already reaching a certain level of maturity, that is not common to many “local” young bands. Yet, they have learned how to do it by themselves and probably through their own mistakes as well. “When we write a song, we always think about how to portray this live without losing the songs initial sound.” What certainly helped is also the many opportunities Mountains To Move had, to test the waters live, in front of an audience and with other, more experienced bands : they have learnt how to “maintain a certain level of professionalism, which means being friendly, but also patient.”
As much as it is very scary to perform such personal numbers to strangers, the singer acknowledges that it also has an impact on him when it comes to healing and therefore get a more relaxed approach of life and hopefully it does the same to the people who listen to Mountains To Move. “Writing these things and playing them live has a therapeutic effect on me, in hopes of helping or inspiring others and letting them know they’re not alone.”
So far, Mountains To Move have a pretty good reach in their homeland, that is Belgium, but as we have previously mentioned it, it’s somewhat expanding beyond the borders.
“A Good first musical impression”, is the key to catch the attention and maintain it at least on a steady level, observes Quinten. As for his own band, he is unsure about how they manage to keep people around them, however, he is hoping that these people notice the time and effort that is put into Mountains To Move. Enough to “appreciate every stream, every chat after a show or every purchase from our merch table.”

Getting there

Maybe it’s the overall touching “emotional” signature, maybe it’s just the sincerity they put into their sound; one thing’s for sure, Mountains To Move have been reaching a few milestones that are very well deserved. Recently, they got national airplay on Studio Brussel (one of the biggest Belgian music radio stations) for Left Or Right. The band’s focus on getting a bigger following is therefore well on its way. They’re obviously keeping in  sight the release of a full length, but on a nearer future, a new single should be coming out. So yes, slowly but surely, more new music from Mountains To Move is expected.
If you’re into music that makes you FEEL things, if you’re looking for relatable content, Mountains To Move is your answer. In their own words, they are known for their “dark lyrical components combined with overall catchiness.” and this is why we can advise you to give attention to the song Adieu, to begin your journey.
Finally, if you can make it to any of their shows in the future, we promise you’ll have a great time.
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