Spotlight #7- Introducing : Stars and Flights

1491760_10152376334849446_8814367108589493414_nEvery year comes with its waves of new music that we particularly enjoy discovering and study for you. This time, we have chosen a british band for our Spotlight feature. It’s called Stars and Flights and what caught our attention with this band is that they remain faithful to what we generally listen to, but don’t fit to any specific ‘category’ or whatever you call it (and that’s precisely what we’re looking for here).

Their music gathers  various identifiable influences, which makes it rich and somehow complex, but Stars and Flights are not all over the place whatsoever and this is probably where their strength resides. Set to release their third record in a few days, the Welsh have without any doubt reached an interesting level of depth and maturity that makes everything worth more than a listen.

If you enjoy artists such as At The Drive-In, The Fall Of Troy, Funeral For A Friend or even Kids In Glass Houses (that’s for the Welsh references), then pay close attention to Stars & Flights (and also this feature), because here’s something you’re very likely to enjoy!

Episode 1 : Album Review


Stars and Flights – New album ‘Moral Colour’, out on June 16 through Ghoulish Records.

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