[A Postcard From…Paris] Lovely Little Lonely European Tour 2017 — The Maine

It’s Wednesday evening and it’s the first gig of the season for most of the team, who’s slowly getting back on track after a much needed summer break. Paris is such a beautiful town during the fall. And it suits The Maine and their soothing rock pretty well.

It’s not raining in Paris tonight and The Maine are celebrating their return to the city, after four years and they’re celebrating with the fans. Bringing with them enjoyable and deserving opening acts in Night Riots and The Technicolors, the packed venue clearly heated up as soon as the Arizonians hit the stage.

The Maine delivered the most beautiful performance we’ve witnessed in a long while and we quickly realized how much we had missed their positive vibes and the solid bond that links them to their audience, not to mention just the music. Supporting their most recent please ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ on this tour, The Maine made sure they didn’t overlook essential tracks on their repertory from the oldest records, keeping consistency within the set and their current essence nonetheless.

We’ll be having more words on The Maine, the way they evolved throughout the time and the gig itself soon. But in the meantime, enjoy these photos Alisson Nilsson took for us the other day.

Full album HERE

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