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If you’ve been watching this space and paying general attention to the alternative scene lately, you’ve most likely heard of Milk TeethIn the case you live under a rock, meet your new favourite band : hailing from Stroud, UK, Milk Teeth are a four piece with things to say and a ridiculously good sound.

For a band with that’s just released their debut album, Milk Teeth have an impressive amount of tours behind them, and the names are impressive, too : to name a few, they’ve played with Refused, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Frank Iero, and last but not least, Title Fight and Tonight Alive. But how do they manage to play to such diverse audiences, you ask? We don’t change anything,” says vocalist Becky, and their guitarist Chris adds, “We always, like, pride ourselves on being able to play to and with anybody.” Even if at first glance, all the different bands they’ve toured with might not be a match for their sound, they’re more similar than you think if you dig deeper : We did a tour with Frank Carter and then this tour which is more poppy, and I feel like that’s exactly where we want our music to be, somewhere between really heavy and really poppy,” says Chris. And that’s exactly what their January released debut ‘Vile Child’, including songs from their first two grungier EPs and new softer, poppier songs added to the mix, is about : falling right in the middle, but doing so gracefully. Milk Teeth don’t play by the rules, and that’s why we love them, (and you should too!).

Milk Teeth in Paris, February 2015 © Alisson Nilsson //
Milk Teeth in Paris, February 2015 © Alisson Nilsson //

Another essential ingredient in the wonderful cocktail that makes up Milk Teeth is honesty. They’re part of the group of bands who sing about life with raw and poetic honesty, and we personally can’t get enough.  Taking their roots from the DIY scene, they evolved to develop their very own sound and ended up signing to Hopeless Records. Once again, though, the four piece stands out from the rest : when most people think of Hopeless Records they associate it with Pop Punk (we plead guilty), but they’ve proven time and time again that standing out wasn’t a bad thing and this is no exception : We’re one of the heavier bands on the label, yeah, and it’s also good for Hopeless, they probably don’t wanna be pigeon holed themselves and it’s exciting for them to have different kinds of music.”

And if the past tours they did and how brilliant they were when we saw them every time they played in Paris, are anything to go by (spoiler alert : they are), Milk Teeth‘s future is as bright as it could possibly be. They’ve just unveiled a headline UK run in May, but before that, they’re headed to the mighty US with none other than Citizen and Turnover, and if you happen to find yourself near one of the cities they’re playing, get off your couch and go see this band. You won’t regret it.



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