Miner Fest – EPISODE 1 : First evening impressions


From the very beginning, festival organizers had to struggle with last minute undesired events such as cancellations from at least four bands who were supposed to play Day 1. If the whole schedule turned out to be a mess at some point, we can definitely not blame Miner fest, especially when we know they did manage to find replacements for some of the new gaps they had to fill only few hours before the event kicked off and it was quality!

If the first day wasn’t the busiest for us as we only arrived at the evening, we are glad we witnessed The Maple Room’s first reunion show with the original formation. An experience that was probably emotional and intense for the present band members  who hadn’t played a show together for nearly four years! The atmosphere was very friendly and joyful, making things pleasant to watch. Judging by the amazing response the Belgian ‘post-hardcorers’ have received, we can only imagine how overwhelming was this show for the band.  In sum, successful return for The Maple Room, we can’t wait until the next show!

On the same day, another highlight for us was definitely the last-minute –yet absolutely fantastic- appearance of Palm Reader who came straight from England to fill in for Landscapes. We had our eye on this band since the release of their album ‘Bad Weather’ in 2013 and we’ve been really, really waiting for the day we’d finally be able to watch them live and this happened at Miner fest and it was brilliant. This is a band that has the ability to grab you by the throat since the very beginning and make a mess out of your inner feelings, at the rhythm of the gritty guitars, all topped with some intense vocals, which makes it a unique experience.  There’s something raw and wild, yet very finely worked in the way they perform and we definitely enjoyed it!

Even though we’re at this point pretty bummed we didn’t manage to get an off day to come earlier (there are quite a few bands we absolutely wanted to see, including Suasion, Wasted Bullet, Moments and A Traitor Like Judas), we still had a lovely evening, listening to good music and watching cool performances. All of this held in quite a nice venue, with fun attendees and a great spirit. Most of all, it made it a great warm up to a great and busy, busy weekend!


Miner Fest – EPISODE 2 : Music & Friendship Circles

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