Moose Blood Take Copenhagen (and warm European hearts)

Moose Blood - Copenhagen, September 2016 © Mariam B. //
Moose Blood – Copenhagen, September 2016 © Mariam B. //
There are bands who never fail to impress. Moose Blood are one of them.
It all started two years ago with the release of one of the most touching and moving records we’ve heard — that was Moose Blood’s debut album, ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’. Their potential was obvious at the time. There was something going on, and we only hoped it would last in the future. Two years later, it’s with something slightly different that they’re exploding. If we’re being honest, it’s not exactly what we expected — but were we expecting anything specific anyway?

The first single off the quartet’s brand new album ‘Blush’ is called Honey, which sparked excitement in our camp. What came next, however, brought some skepticism to the table, so we patiently waited for the whole record to be released to make up our minds. But even after a few listens, ‘Blush’ still felt somehow disturbing, although very enjoyable and relaxing. It wasn’t until we got the live rendition of those songs that we actually (and finally) fully understood the album.
Moose Blood – Copenhagen, September 2016 © Mariam B. //
A few weeks ago, we found ourselves crossing paths with Moose Blood’s tour in Copenhagen at this cool and popular venue called BETA2300. The show had already sold out several days before the tour even started, therefore building some anticipation and excitement around it. We couldn’t really measure the band’s success yet, despite their triumphant festival set at Groezrock festival earlier in the year, so curiosity was definitely rising.
It’s a little over 9pm when the first notes of Pastel, which also happens to be the opener for recent album ‘Blush’, kick in, making the whole audience burst into excitement. Pastel embodies the perfect show opener, as well as the band’s essence, with its heartfelt melodies and overall positive vibes. The crowd quickly packed into the central space of the venue in front of the small stage and, from that point, never stopped singing along to every song on the setlist. Speaking of which, the band created a near-perfect set ; extremely well balanced between the best tracks of both albums and taking their audience on a powerful journey through different emotions, from the most touching tracks (Cherry, I hope You’re Miserable, Shimmer) to the most exciting (Honey, Gum, Pups…). Popular numbers such as Bukowski created momentum as the set unfolded, with people responding to Eddy Brewerton’s singing. “This coffee’s getting cold!”, shouted the crowd after the singer enunciated the first words of the song. You could clearly see the joy in people’s eyes, hear all of their feelings expressed in the way they shouted back “It takes me back to growing up” or “Do you wanna come over later, to my house?” to the band. Things rounded off with the second single taken from ‘Blush’, Knuckles, which has the amazing power of making you smile without even realising it, leaving everyone on the most positive state of mind on this fine and chilly Danish Sunday night.
The reception to this show was incredible and all of the band members were all smiles ; and thankful to the crowd, of course. Someone even handed flowers to them at the end of the performance, showing both their respect and their gratitude to Moose Blood. It’s just those little things, in a band’s relationship with their listeners, that we don’t get to see that often nowadays in our musical landscape that make every Moose Blood performance a sweet, sweet place to visit, from time to time. “Stay Beautiful.
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