What’s in your headphones? Murray Macleod (The XCERTS) Recommends

The Xcerts live in Paris – December 2017 (c) Mariam B. // www.plugin-mag.com

At the end of last year, we asked The Xcert‘s singer Murray Macleod about the music he listens to and he shared with us his current music favorites, as well as his old heart-throbs that never leave him.

As an outcome of what 2017 brought to us, Ryan Adam‘s latest record ‘Prisoner’ came as a highlight, followed by The War On Drug‘s ‘A Deeper Understanding’, The Districts‘ ‘Popular Manipulations’ and White Reaper, that’s been one hell of a discovery for the vocalist. With that being said, he also underlined that he’s been listening to a lot of Thin Lizzy, without ever forgetting Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. At this point, you might have noticed these latter rank as Murray’s greatest influences and inspirations in music. This can slightly be heard in The Xcerts most recent music, too.

In addition to this, he recommended Noah Gundersen, Phoebe Bridgers (we can only agree, as she released one of the most calming, heart-warming records that came out in 2017), as well as the new The Glorious Sons and Glassjaw records. Now this is when you notice the musician’s inclination for heavy music as he insists on letting us know that his close friends (“My brothers from other mothers”, in his own words) Architects are one of those heavy acts that can’t be overlooked anymore : “they’re blowing up everywhere, they sold out Ally Pally! Another band that worked and worked and worked; it took them forever, but they deserve it.”

It’s worth to mention that even in this large spectrum of music styles cited by Murray Macleod, the themes of finding and losing love often appear. It goes without saying that Murray is a romantic and -as he puts it himself- “romanticizes everything in (his) life.” To make things ever nicer, we compiled these recommendations in a little playlist, that you can find just here :


The Xcerts have just kicked off their headline European tour this week in Germany and tour will go as follows : 24.04 Berlin (DE) – 25.04 Warsaw (PL) – 26.04 Poznan (PL) – 28.04 Prague (CZ) – 29.04 Stuttgart (DE) – 30.04 Munich (DE) – 02.05 Milan (IT) – 06.05 Paris (FR)08.05 Antwerp (BE)09.05 Amsterdam (NL).


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