Nervus release set of Halloween covers [insert ghost emoji here]


So the big day’s here. Halloween 2016 is upon us, and with it, ghouls and ghosts alike. But most importantly, Watford indie punk band Nervus have released a set of covers that’ll steal your soul and possess your speakers. Let’s get spooky, mates.

However, other demons that are alas not part of a Halloween movie are what led vocalist and guitarist Em Foster to write the band’s upcoming album ‘Permanent Rainbow’ ā€” it’s a charged release, exploring their time dealing with dysphoria and gender identity, but it still manages to exude positivity somehow, with its catchy hooks and melodies. It comes out on Friday 4th November, and we’ll certainly be spending a lot of time with this release. We strongly advise you to do so too.


‘Permanent Rainbow’ released November 4th via Venn records/The LP Cafe

Pre-order ‘Permanent Rainbow’ :

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