EP Review: Night Owls – Informaldehyde

Ep plain messed up 2Heads up folks, there’s a new band in town for you to get stuck into. Hailing from Leeds, grunge pop duo Night Owls’ debut EP ‘Informaldehyde’ has arrived on the scene with a gritty, in your face sound, featuring a special type of punk attitude you simply can’t find anywhere else but the UK. The grunge-heavy riffs power the EP, backed by a relentless drumbeat and almost sneering vocals.

This EP is like a night on the town in some of the seedier parts of a city, complete with neon signs, shadowy underground clubs, and lots of booze—and this is definitely not a bad thing. So let Night Owls take you on a tour of their home city of Leeds from a true native perspective—the good, the bad, and the rock n roll—and you’ll never want to visit a city any other way.


Night Owls – Informaldehyde

Release: 10.06.16

A professional behind the scenes string-puller, in her spare time Alex is usually found spending all of her money in record stores or rocking out at shows. Pop punk is her true calling, peppered with a healthy dose of tv show marathons, and lots of iced tea.

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