Paris Hardcore Fest vol.1 : Paris hosts new indoor hardcore festival this summer


Hardcore in the city of light still isn’t well established, but we know for sure that there is a lot of  frenzy shout-alongs enthusiasts. It only seems fair that the capital city finally hosts an event dedicated to hardcore in the summer. The legends in Incendiary were the first band to be announced, which already set the bar high for Paris Hardcore Fest‘s first edition. Incendiary have marked 2017 with the release of one of the most successful punk hardcore albums of the year, ‘Thousand Mile Stare’.

Joining the line up too are the dark and intense national heroes, members of the Deathwish Inc. family Birds In Row. Their appearance on the bill obviously caught the attention of many melodic hardcore enthusiasts.

As if it wasn’t enough, headliners are no others than Turnstile, who are currently revolutionizing their genre with their new album “Time & Space”, which is also their major label debut. Turnstile have made a statement with this album, bringing to light their community, often labeled as underground and  obscure. It honestly gives a new boost to hardcore and we’re very excited to see Turnstile again soon.


* Where? Gibus Live in Paris (FR)
* When? Sunday June 24th, 2018
* Official facebook event : PARIS HARDCORE FEST #1


Stay tuned for more announcements.

EDITED on March 2nd, 2018.

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