Photo report : Bahamas / Boy & Bear – Winnipeg (CAN)

After selling out the first venue called the Garrick Centre in Winnipeg, Bahamas‘ headlining gig for Winnipeg Folk Fest was moved to the Burton Cummings Theatre, and quickly sold that place out as well.
Arriving at the venue, I noticed that many people still hadn’t made it to their seats. The halls were still buzzing with chatter and the main floor was packed. Entering the room, people were squished in the pit, squished in the aisles, and every seat was full. Looking up at the balconies, it appeared to be packed right up to the top seats. Luckily, I didn’t have to shoot from up there, because it looked too high for comfort. Second balcony fans seems quite comfortable, though.
Boy & Bear took to the stage to loud applause and cheering from the seemingly-over-packed venue, and clearly felt at home. As a band from Australia, they had expressed their sincerest thanks for those who had attended their past two gigs here in Winnipeg. The Burton Cummings Theatre was their third gig here. I’d never heard of the band before, but after my three songs of shooting, I caught myself dancing and enjoying myself. Actually, most of the crowd was dancing.  Boy & Bear have such a relaxed sound, and easy listen for any folk-rock music fans. Ending their set, they left everyone in a very good mood. Fans dispersed and headed towards concession for more drinks, some went outside for a cigarette or to cool down and wait for the headliner, Bahamas.
10:00 PM finally hit, the house lights went down, and Bahamas walked onto the stage. Bahamas is Afie Jurvanen, a Toronto based singer-songwriter, and performs on stage alongside a band.  On stage for about an hour, Bahamas performed songs from all three albums he’s released. Despite the relaxed folk atmosphere, Afie cracked a few jokes between songs and had us all laughing.
Easily a great night, I left the venue feeling very fortunate to have caught Boy & Bear, and Bahamas while they were in town and highly recommend any folk music fans to buy a ticket if they have the chance to.
Words & Photos : Kaylee Smoke


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