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Photo Report: THE PROUD SONS Headline Show in Winnipeg, MB (Canada)

January 15, 2015


Performers: The Honour / Kevin Roy / The Proud Sons


Winnipeg is full of incredibly talented musicians, and The Proud Sons are not excluded from that statement. On January 15th, they performed at The Park Theatre in south Osborne of Winnipeg and had friends The Honour and Kevin Roy open up the show.

The Honour, a young alt-rock band, were the first to take the stage. Though the band doesn’t have any pages up for your viewing pleasure just quite yet, they will be heading into the studio soon enough. So, I felt quite lucky to have the opportunity to see them perform. Jared Kist, guitar/vocals, would describe their sound as “an alt-rock band, drawing influences from bands like The Maine and John Mayer to create a unique new sound,” which I completely agree with. The audience took to them quite well, and their performance left me hoping that they’ll be playing again soon.

Changing up the genres with a mixture of folk/country, Kevin Roy performed next. A simple set up, with simple lighting. Kevin stood on stage with his guitar and harmonica, and sitting next to him, Matt Filopoulos with a lap steel guitar. It was a beautiful performance, Kevin’s voice gives a sense of nostalgic comfort while his lyrics and music paint vivid pictures in your mind.

Finally, it was time for The Proud Sons to hit the stage. If you’ve never heard of them, their music could be described by some of their own lyrics, “a little country but likes to rock and roll” – which I do realize is quite cheesey. The Proud Sons perfectly and classily blend rock, country, and some pop. A refreshing breath of fresh air, and it makes for a fantastic gig experience. Fans of the band – young and old – loudly sang along to songs off of the Proud Sons album ‘Southern Hospitality’, and even opened up a space on the floor to dance together. Luckily, the band is finishing up the recording of their next album with Tommy Mac of Hedley in B.C., so any new songs that fans weren’t able to sing along to will be out soon enough, and next time I won’t be too shy to dance.

Words and photos by Kaylee Smoke

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