Playlist #26 Casually Dressed & Deep Conversation

Photo © Christophe Soulas //
Photo © Christophe Soulas //

New season, new playlist! 
We made this one to help you go through school, work, uni, after hopefully well-deserved summer holidays and we hope you enjoy!
(PS : we’re sort of honoring Funeral For A Friend)

Sixteen – Funeral For A Friend
Shots Fired – Stray From The Path
Burn – Counterparts
Beautiful People – Vanna
A Song For Ernest Hemingway – The Wonder Years
C.C.S. – Mixtapes
The Magdalene – Foxing
A Night On The Town – The Dear Hunter
Intro – RHODES
Eyeshaow – No Devotion
Blasphemy – Bring Me The Horizon
Borrowed & Blue – Defeater
Wounds – Sense Fails
Last Last Chance – Birds In Row
Red Is The New Black – Funeral For A Friend

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I‘m french, i’m feeling old at 22 (see what i did there?). I like things, stuff, cats, dogs, music & gigs. A good beard didn’t hurt anyone. I mostly listen to pop punk, punk rock, hardcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, folk music. Don’t piss me off or I’ll spoil you Game Of Thrones, I read the books.

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