Playlist #27 – Chemical Pumpkin

No Devotion 05

It’s already November, weather’s a mess, but we’re somehow still enjoying life for now. This is also the busiest period of the year and oddly enough, we collectively found ourselves jamming the same music over and over again, so making this 27th (already!) playlist wasn’t an easy task for us. Here’s what we came up with. It’s quite varied as usual and we hope you like it!

  1. Hellions – Hellions
  2. Breaking The Back – Million Dead
  3. Unlike Us – Hacktivist
  4. Liberated Sounds – Counting Days
  5. Bottom Feeder – Parkway Drive
  6. Wanderlust – Relic Hearts
  7. Deadweight – ROAM
  8. Corrigan – Sorority Noise
  9. Weave – Foxing
  10. This Song Made Me Think  Of You – Capsize
  11. Don’t Go – Rae Morris
  12. Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan
  13. Lifted Up (1985) – Passion Pit
  14. Self Portrait – Handguns
  15. Yellow Love – Citizen

Listen to this playlist : CHEMICAL PUMPKIN

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