[A Postcard From…] Montreal, Canada with With Confidence

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

It’s on a cold November night that With Confidence made a stop in the city of Montreal, Canada, with very special guests as Doll Skin, Between You and Me and Canadian pop punk legends Seaway. As for me, it’s also the night where I have finally started photographing shows again, after almost two years AND in my new country of residence. I had missed it dearly and boum what a show it was!

Doll Skin – Montreal, Nov 2019 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Four bands played that night, beginning with Doll Skin from Phoenix, Arizona. Not a lot people seemed to know them but they did a really good job at warming up the room, until we all forgot about the -4C outside.
The four-piece knows precisely how make a crowd move, with their alternative hard rock sound. Sydney Dolezal (lead vocalist) is for sure a remarkable front woman, who didn’t hesitate to split the crowd in two, before joining the pit to perform in the center. It made excellent photo opportunities and I am glad Doll Skin kept up entertained all set long. Plus, as a woman myself, it feels so amazing to see badass girls like Doll Skin owning the stage the way they did. Lighting effects weren’t the easiest to work with, however, the band made some really cool subjects to photograph.

Between You And Me – Montreal, Nov 2019 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Next up on stage was Between You And Me from Melbourne, Australia. I noticed a few people singing along, proof that BYAM is probably one of the bands to watch in the succession of pop punk. Their set was pretty good and fun to watch as the quintet supported their debut album ‘Everything Is Temporary’ which was released last year under Hopless Records. You could see that the Australians love to play live and they are excellent at captivating the crowd with their energy and good stream of jokes. I’m looking froward to see them again, for sure.

Seaway – Montreal, Nov 2019 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Halfway through the evening, things get more serious for the homeboys in Seaway. As expected, the band did get the warmest welcome, which isn’t so surprising, as – almost- national heroes in their music landscape. Plus I had already noticed a few dozens of people wearing their merch earlier. Their intelligent balance between super catchy tracks and slower songs surprised me in a good way. It was my first time seeing them and I really didn’t see time passing. I had so much fun shooting this one! One thing for sure, I’ll be there next time Seaway are in town. Overall, it was very nice to see the crowd screaming back the lyrics at the band, dancing and crowd surfing. One of my guilty pleasures has always been to capture people enjoying themselves during a show and feeling the music. Seaway put on a brilliant show and got us more than ready for the final act. Oh and by the way, please do yourself a favor and go listen to the band’s recent album ‘Fresh Produce’, which I find very good at bringing back sunny vibes to our harsh, cold days!

With Confidence – Montreal, Nov 2019 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Last but not least : headliners With Confidence. The crowd went literally crazy during the set, where mosh pits finally appeared. I loved everything about this show, especially since it was my first time seeing this band.  They didn’t disappoint! The Australians were visibly happy to play for the first time in Montreal and it showed. They defended brilliantly their latest album ‘Love and Loathing’ without forgetting their popular hits such as We’ll be Okay, Voldemort and recent single Drops Of Jupiter. That’s also when some of the BYAM members  started crowdsurfing, highlighting the great spirit between all the bands on this line up.

I had a lot of fun on that night, doing this one thing I love the most. I love feeling myself again with my camera at a rock show, capturing the joy on people faces and witnessing such cool music being performed on stage. So much that I didn’t want it to end and for that I will have to say thank you to all the artists involved in this one. Music does wonders!

…Until next time!

Words and photos: Alisson Nilsson


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