[A Postcard from…] Paris – ISSUES, Oct 2019


ISSUES – Paris (FR), Oct. 2019 © Morgan Legars // www.plugin-mag.com

Issues have made a name for themselves over the past years, with their frontman being no other than Tyler Carter, whose popularity never stopped growing since his inception in the alternative/metalcore scene. With a few releases under their belts and relentless touring with many, many bands, it was only natural for them to follow up with a debut European headline tour.

Opening for them were the up and coming British band Lotus Eater. If you had never heard of them before, you should maybe give them an ear, especially if you enjoy heavy music. But with a heavier and darker sound than anything Issues would play nowadays, it wasn’t easy for them to catch people’s attention and many of them seemed indeed a little bit unsettled, which we can understand.

Issues on the other hand seem to know exactly how to entertain their audience, thanks to a rather varied sound, which the crowd members could sing along, shout and dance to. Coming here to present and defend their brand new album ‘Beautiful Oblivion’, Issues didn’t forget to play their hits and fan-favorites such as Never Lose Your Flames and Mad at Myself.

It was overall a good show, although both bands definitely deserve to play bigger venues. Lightning was quite unexpected, as usual at the Gibus, and much better for the opening act. The crowd was really into it as well, to the point of being as entertaining as the stage.
Issues is a band that has toured at lot and you can tell. Even though they deserve better venues, they owned the place for the whole set. And everyone in the band was interesting to watch and to photograph, which was a nice change, as far as I’m concerned!

Photos and comments: Morgan L. 

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