PVRIS in Paris – Stage two

© Gaëlle Pitrel
© Gaëlle Pitrel

PVRIS made a successful comeback to the city of love pretty much one year after they first stopped by the French capital, this time winning over La Machine Du Moulin Rouge.

Last year we were telling you about the band’s incredibly fast rise to fame. In 2016 the band is still growing strong and they’re not ready to stop. The release of the deluxe edition of their triumphant first full-length « White Noise » and the fans enthusiasm, still screaming loud and jumping high is proof of the phenomenon it has now fully become.

The moment PVRIS arrived, the crowd was hyped and it was obvious that everyone in the room was waiting for the band’s comeback. And so were we! It immediately became really hot and the energy was palpable in the packed venue. They opened on the song Smoke, a song that set the mood and got the energy in. Lead singer Lynn Gunn had nothing to say or do to make the night eventful or for the connection with the crowd to be real and instantaneous. When the band played Mirrors and Only Love we witnessed Lynn’s beautiful voice with all of its power, feels and intensity. The live show then took another dimension with a sort of acoustic feeling that amplified the beauty of her voice. Until the very end we felt transported into a different universe, as if we were under a spell.

It’s absolutely not a myth that PVRIS creates magic onstage; surely the crowd gets bigger each time for a reason! Lynn Gunn always brings energy and intensity creating something special with the audience, and tonight was no exception. When you are a band with a female lead singer, the comparisons are flowing but Lynn really has something like no other, giving you a sort of overwhelming feeling of adoration straight away. A combination of talent, beautiful voice and a spark that makes her so unique. Mentioning Lynn is one thing but let’s not forget about the other musicians by her side who make PVRIS what it is as a whole. Indeed, with songs like St Patrick, Eyelids, Fire and Let Them In, the band showed real passion, liveliness and real qualities of stage presence, giving different levels of energy. And for such a recent band it is very impressive. With those past sold-out shows we cannot deny their sudden success for « White Noise » is well deserved.

In all honesty PVRIS set the place on fire all throughout their performance making us sing our lungs out and dance to catchy, powerful tracks once more. And an ending with the beautiful You & I along with their major tune My House was the right way to say goodbye to the fans before a surely prompt come-back (with a second – very awaited- album).

PVRIS has grown incredibly fast, conquering the world throughout the year and playing amazing venues and we cannot wait to see where the band is going next. After that night we’re certain that PVRIS has beautiful days ahead of them, as no one seems to resist the big wave. And PVRIS in Paris will probably be a pun we won’t get tired of anytime soon anyway!

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