Report : The Getaway Plan / Hands Like Houses / Sleeping With Sirens – Brussels (19.09.2013)

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 22.37.00Brussels date was opening Sleeping With Sirens‘ European leg of ‘The Feel Tour’ and in this occasion the band brought with them some quality guests straight from Australia in Hands Like Houses and The Getaway Plan. Here’s our report on that evening of mid-September.

Opening the night Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan that we don’t need to introduce anymore. This wasn’t their first time in Europe at all but it was most definitely the first in a long time. Freshly back under the spotlight with a brand new release, the band has however used their short slot to essentially play older songs, such as fan’s favorites Sleep Spindles, The Reckoning or Where The City Meets The Sea. Remaining true to themselves, The Getaway Plan delivered a wonderful, atmospheric show, as the incredibly skilled artists and performers that they are. The whole band shows passion and commitment through a transcending performance that we were lucky enough to witness in almost perfect sound and lightening conditions which made everything even more epic and spectacular. Also, special mention to Matthew ‘s impressing voice that has left us speechless.
The only thing we will complain about is that we wish the set was longer because six songs are definitely not enough. One thing for sure, we can’t wait to see The Getaway Plan back on our shores again!

Next up are another Australian band that we had only heard about before and we have to say it was a great surprise. To be honest, seeing loads of band members on stage the first few seconds have left some of us a little bit skeptical, however, we quickly came to the conclusion that Hands Like Houses had something more than the average ‘trendy rock band’, which is good. With an  interesting universe, combining experimental rock with heavier sounds, Hands Like Houses successfully caught the attention of the audience. The performance was super energetic, which set Brussels on fire, despite lead singer Trenton Woodney’s voice being diseased.  Starting the fight with their latest single Introducing Species, Hands Like Houses played a short but consistent set that included songs from both of their albums, balancing between fast-paced tracks with slower  ones such as No Parallels. A well satisfying performance for us and evidently for tonight’s audience in Belgium.

Headlining today is Sleeping With Sirens that don’t need anymore introduction, knowing their recent breakout. Having already seen them several times before, we can clearly say that it felt like we were watching a complete other band since the performance was on a whole new level. The large crowd was overly-excited since the first few seconds following the band’s appearance on stage and Sleeping With Sirens immediately set the tone with the song Here We Go off their latest effort ‘Feel’. Talking about this album, the band was here to present it and support its release  which is a perfect reflection of their recent progress. Through ‘Feel’, they’re indeed back with a heavier and more polished sound.  New songs such as Congratulations or Satellites are well-received and loudly sung by an enthusiastic audience. The energy in the room increased even more when Sleeping With Sirens announced the famous If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn and Do It Now, Remember It Later. And as the tradition wants it, the band closed the festivities with one of their biggest hits and absolute fan-favorite If You Can’t Hang, leading the fans to join forces (and voices) one last time.

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