Rest in peace, 2000’s South Wales scene : Funeral For A Friend call it quits


I was having a casual lazy Monday (because I can), when I head the news: Funeral For A Friend is calling it quits. My entire world collapsed and my heart broke into pieces. Will I ever recover from this loss? Only time will tell.
Fine, maybe I’m a little bit exaggerating. Just a tiny bit.

It wasn’t a phase Mom! After 10 years, I was still excited for their next steps into this wonderful world of music. They surely moved on since ‘Casually Dressed & Deep Conversation’ and later ‘Hours’ (aka everyone’s favorite Funeral For A Friend albums) and they knew how to keep us waiting for more. They sound has evolved with them as well as their fanbase. They’ve always occupied a dear place in my heart and I will love them forever. No i’m not crying, I’ve got a speck of dust in my eye.

• To this day I still think they didn’t get enough recognition for their hard work. Post-hardcore and such bands are suffocating, they don’t get enough means to tour properly and do everything they want (need) for their survival. Funeral For A Friend‘s last three albums were funded by fans, it says a lot… Wake up, y’all,  listen, (cry)sing and support your music as much as you can!

• ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’. Listen to it. Now. Like right now, thank me later.

• Is every band from Wales breaking up? (The answer is YES. For more wales-related ugly crying, you can read our Gone But Not Forgotten feature)

• Go see them on their farewell tour! In mainland Europe, we only have german shows in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Wiesbaden and Cologne in April 2016 (more details here) are playing each city twice: Performing ‘Hours’ the first night and ‘Casually Dressed’ + various songs the next day. I mean, have you watched ‘Spilling Blood in 8mm’? You old 2004 emo kids are in for a treat!


Rea Funeral For A Friend‘s full statement regarding the break up HERE.


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