Road To Download Festival France – A Brief Guide

That’s it, the infamous Download weekend is just around the corner, and for the past two years, the festival has been expanding, first in France and now even in Spain. As far as we’re concerned, we’ll be once again following the steps of Download in the French territory. Download Festival France will take place in the outskirts of Paris, in a town called Bretigny-sur-Orge and with it being the second edition in the area, it’s safe to say that the festival took it one step higher than last year. After an introduction to the event a couple weeks ago, we’re back this time dealing with the line up. Because yes, this year’s headliners are tight. And yes there’s one for each taste, but that would be stating the obvious, wouldn’t it? Who isn’t excited for SYSTEM OF A DOWN? And even if their recent album is quite controversial, what kind of young adult who spent days and nights blasting ‘Meteora’ and ‘Hybrid Theory’ as a kid would say no to a Friday night watching Linkin Park on stage? and why the fuck not rounding off a musical week end with a big punk rock party, Green Day style?

However, attending a festival isn’t only about drinking all day and screaming big hits at night. It’s also about enjoying many kinds of music, discovering new artists and obviously seeing your favorite bands perform. Below are our suggestions on what should be well worth your time at this year’s Download festival France.

1. So you’re into metal but you like testing  uncharted waters?

In that case, we can promise you that Code Orange is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. They’re very young, but they’re also incredibly good at what they do. With three albums under their belts, Code Orange are now conquering the world on their “Forever” cycle (released this year, through Roadrunner Records.) If you haven’t seen them yet, it’s high time you did!

The Charm The Fury are finally playing France again, 2,5 years after their first ever appearance in France. The dutch grew a lot since then and even released a surprising sophomore album called ‘The Sick, Dumb and Happy’ this year, that definitely settled them as a force to be reckoned with, within the european metal scene.
Other than that, we’ve always had a great time watching Kvelertak perform their nordic heavy anthems, so there’s that…


2. …Or maybe you like it when bands come and tickle your feelings?

Then you don’t want to miss Black Foxxes. Visceral is probably the key word when it comes to explaining what they are about. The british trio puts together tracks that are the direct result of their evils, leading to a raw and pure sounds. It’s definitely touching and you will probably end up moved.
Same goes for Touche Amore, who can put on some of the most heart wrenching performances you could see and still, you would leave happy. It’s exquisite. Touche Amore are definitely one of the best bands in the game right now and we’re already chuffed for their set at Download.


3. What about the other side of the spectrum?

When it comes to good alternative / metal, Stray From The Path and Architects are always a safe bet. Strong, powerful, communicative, both bands know how to put on memorable performances during which you’ll quickly find yourself shouting the lyrics. Sometimes, your body will even follow the movement without you even noticing. Most of the times, what these artists have to say will speak to you one way or another. Speaking of strong performances, local growing heroes Rise Of The Northstar  will be also here to deliver and awaken the crowds, so be prepared.


4. British rock is always enjoyable,  especially under a good weather

…And for that, you have the likes of Dead! and Mallory Knox, who will definitely provide with great festival vibes. But let’s be honest, our favorite current UK rock band is definitely Creeper. Their darker shades of punk will be greatly appreciated, taking the listeners moments into another universe and will only show once more how Download can be about diversity and how Download is not a metal festival.


5. But let’s not forget …

TesseracT who are now pioneering the current prog/metal landscape, as well as Northlane, straight from down under, who are entering a new era in their career and therefore are always interesting to follow. Hatebreed  will be standing for hardcore, while legends in Rancid will be carrying the flag of punk. On a bigger scale, we will always have a thing for Alter Bridge and Dinosaur Jr. never gets old and the least we can sa is that Prophets Of Rage sounds…Promising!

Finally, there’s no need of an introduction for Epica, Mastodon and Gojira, either, you know what to do.

6. And also listen up and…PARTY.

Astroid Boys are slightly different from everything here, but Astroid Boys also 100% deserve a shot. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.


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