Rozwell Kid – Precious Art (Album Review)

Rozwell Kid – Groezrock 2016 © Gaëlle Pitrel //

Let’s say it like it is: Rozwell Kid REALLY outdid themselves on the random references on ‘Precious Art’, their new full-length. And that’s very, very awesome.

Because Rozwell Kid’s Jordan Hudkins writes about what he knows and what he experienced, as personal as it may be, it makes it that much more relatable to the listener. Like, who never had a booger on their phone screen? And sometimes the most precise stories just make up for the most special content. For example, even if you’ve never eaten tacos while watching UHF on DVD, you can pretty much understand the feeling. At least we do.

With that being said, there are two ways to listen to ‘Precious Art’. You can stick to the weirdness and celebrate the ironic songwriting. Or you can take it a step further and appreciate the deeper meanings of the songs, about childhood, love, friendship. A personal favorite is the record’s closer, Michael Keaton, but maybe it’s because we love our mates and Batman a tiny bit too much. Hell, even if you don’t understand english, you can be content with the catchiness and endless hooks ‘Precious Art’ has to offer.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the album was premiered in a facebook live as Hudkins was painting a picture. Doesn’t that tell you how incredibly precious and fun this release must be for everyone involved?

All in all, Rozwell Kid is probably one the most imaginative and positively odd bands out there right now, and ‘Precious Art’ should fill your self-depreciative heart with warmth. Everyone is confused, everyone is nostalgic, but maybe that’s okay. Also, shoutout to this artwork.

Words : Gaëlle Pitrel.


Rozwell Kid – Precious Art
Released : 23/06/2017
via SideOneDummy Records

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