Show report : Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! / Bury Tomorrow + Guests – PARIS (FR)

Bury Tomorrow 18Bury Tomorrow is one of these devoted bands who not only have the strong intention of showing that they have a place in the post-hardcore scene and a real envy of creating new music but also that metalcore still is a relevant genre nowadays. 2009 was the breakdown year for the band with their first studio album ‘Portraits’ which gave them an important notoriety within the alternative scene and allowed them to tour in America with well-known bands such as Of Mice & Men or Asking Alexandria and release the album internationally. However Bury Tomorrow has seen a few ups and downs career wise and struggled to put out their second album ‘The Union of Crowns’. The band shows real dedication to the music and what brought them back to the light was not only good songs who clearly showed a bright future for the band but mostly their unreal energy and generous attitude onstage, never failing to deliver a killing show.

In Paris, they showed how much of an amazing melodic metalcore band they are, setting the stage on fire from the very start. Bury Tomorrow opened with Lionheart one of the numerous hit singles off ‘The Union of Crowns’ and took control of the stage. The energy and presence of the band members especially from the lead singer Dan Winter-Bates was tangible throughout the show. He has this very powerful and surreal leading energy giving 200% to the audience and driving the fans nuts. The crowd itself was excited to see them opening for Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, moshing and singing along to every song or following the band’s demands to jump, lose their minds and sink the fucking boat in the words of Dan Winter-Bates. Sceptres and An Honourable Reign were played next before having a glimpse of their upcoming record ‘Runes’ with the single Watcher and Man on Fire. Bury Tomorrow also went back to old jams with You & I playing the real success off  ‘Portraits’. They played a set of 9 songs, mostly off their second album, ending on the inspiring ‘Royal Blood’ saying to the audience ‘Don’t let anyone tell you what band to listen to, what shirt to wear or what to do. Tell them to go fuck themselves’. One more time, the band conquered Paris and proved they owned it with a very UK heavy sound of their own, having a very on-going and responsive crowd and ending the show with a great vibe from the crowd and a feeling of wanting more.

Chunk! No Captain, Chunk! 05

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! has, as always put on an amazing show. For one of their last shows in their hometown for a while before SlamDunk and Warped Tour US among other cool stuff, the guys made the night worth to remember. They played an 11 songs setlist mixing old and new songs from both of ‘Something for Nothing’ and ‘Pardon My French’. Starting with their hit Restart they set the crowd on fire and clearly stated that a home show with friends is what it’s all about.  The crowd was hysterical and going crazy on every song whether it was Taking Chances or Captain Blood. The set hit a new level when they gave a very pop/punk and hardcore cover of All Star by Smash Mouth in their very own style having the crowd moshing and singing the words even louder. We could tell how happy the band was to play to French fans and how thankful they were to do this European Tour, playing a much longer and different show since their last date in Paris @ La Flèche d’Or. They also played I Am Nothing Like You, Bipolar Mind, and Born to Adversity before ending a crazy set with their international hit In Friends With Trust having the crowd joining them onstage and giving the show a very intimate yet surreal dimension. With their very original touch they set a new level for the French alternative scene and offered to the audience a unique show with their own sound differentiating itself from the previous bands opening for them. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! showed that they deserve their success and mostly that they have a very brilliant future ahead of them after the success of their latest album whether it’s in the UK, US or in Europe.

Early Seasons 03The French alternative scene clearly showed it is growing and has a lot of new, upcoming bands with loads of potential to get their names out there. Despite a few technical problems Our Theory and Early Seasons have a lot to be proud of since opening before bands like Bury Tomorrow or Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is not an easy thing to do. However with their communicative energy and a very French humour they managed to get the crowd ready and receptive to their sets. Our Theory played an energetic set, mixing new with more recent songs and communicating with the audience sometimes joking around. The fact that they gave it all made their set pretty nice to watch. Same goes for Early Seasons who had already a good fanbase in the audience. Despite some pretty important sound issues the band still managed to give its best and prove they are one of the growing stars of Artery Recordings.

Our Theory 05

The highlight of their alternative yet at times dancy set was the tunes Fireball and Redemption on which they ended.
Our Theory and Early Seasons defended well the French growing alternative scene tonight and proved once again that they belong under the category of ‘French bands to keep an eye on’. Bury Tomorrow and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! made the night even more worth it to remember with a show that sounded a lot like the kind of gigs you go to on a Friday night in London pub for some casual and chilled night out, making the night a total success. We’re looking forward to seeing the bands again and hope there will be other gigs with such a powerful yet diversed line-up.


Words: Roxy S. 
Photos: Alisson Nilsson

Special thanks to Only Talent Prod. 



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