Show review : BALANCE AND COMPOSURE / Seahaven / Moose Blood – Antwerp (17.10.2014)

Seahaven, Moose Blood

Antwerp, BELGIUM (17.10.2014)

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It’s Friday night and our rendez vous this evening is set at Kavka JC in Antwerp, with Balance and Composure and their guests in Seahaven and Moose Blood: what a beautiful way to welcome the weekend!

 It’s 8pm when four british young men take over the stage, quickly diving into a sweet bubble of emotional music. Moose Blood play some relatable, relaxing, yet powerful music. The drumming is captivating whereas vocals are rather impressive in their strength and accuracy. There’s also this beautiful harmony between Eddy Brewerton’s singing and guitarist Mark Osborne’s   backing vocals, making everything coming off as a real good surprise to us. The songs built up as the set unfolded moving from old songs such as Evening Coffee and newest ones from the recently released (and acclaimed) ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’. It nearly felt like time was suspended for a little while.  Furthermore, many people in the audience were singing along to the songs, while the others were probably in the process of being enchanted. We knew we were going to watch a great performance, but in all honesty, Moose Blood exceeded our expectations.

 Those who have been following us for the past year must have noticed our appreciation to Californian band Seahaven and for the second time this year we were about to witness a new musical experiment. Because yes, watching Seahaven perform is watching some interesting experiments form the band because it’s never the same things that happen on stage. Singer Kyle Soto this time showcased his new take on older songs such as Plague and It’s Over and the least we could say is that it was rather disturbing, but also fun and refreshing. Kicking off right with Black and White, the set consisted in a good 45 minutes of electrifying instrumentals all topped with a tortured vocal performance. Seahaven clearly gained some more confidence, allowing themselves to much more daring and musical flight, something we can really hear in their new songs Wild West Selfishness, Flesh and Andreas. As disturbing as it sounded, it was quite refreshing to see the band “let loose” the way they did.

However it’s not until Balance and Composure entered the stage that things really got off. The room was all of a sudden completely filled and as the first notes of Parachutes kicked in, everyone’s attention was caught. People started losing their minds after only a couple of songs, while the band didn’t bother making small talk in between the songs at first, but kept on playing instead. Sometimes atmospheric, others strong and intense, the set consisted in a fair selection of songs from both ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’ and ‘Separation’, which was seemingly satisfying for everyone in the audience. The show reached its highest point in the second half of the set, when songs like Quake made an appearance. That’s when people started risking some crowdsurfing, even though most of them were simply busy singing from the top of their lungs, in a very emotional way. It was rather touching to witness. Balance and Composure also had a lot of love to give, when they started thanking their fans, their tour mates, or that cool dude who was showing them around in the city. There was something comforting about being part of  such an evening and it has probably something to do with the feeling of intimacy that ensues from the Pensylvanians’ presence and performance.  If there’s only one word we can use to describe this performance, it has to be captivating. Or powerful. But mostly captivating.

This was ultimately a wonderful show put on by three brilliant bands that fit together perfectly. Seahaven and Balance and Composure have been touring together for quite a while now and it has always worked. The addition of Moose Blood was the quintessence of this already great match and it left us wishing for more.


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