Show review : Brand New – Paris (September 2015)

Brand New - Paris, September 2015 © Alisson Nilsson //
Brand New – Paris, September 2015 © Alisson Nilsson //

What we find so fascinating about Brand New is that they do master the Policy of silence. Does anyone really know anything about Brand New? Probably not. Does anyone know anything about their plans? Not even a bit. So when these guys suddenly came back from the dead, releasing one new song and playing two shows in four months in the same city, what’s more, it was Paris. Well, it’s certainly an event. Even so, not only they played twice there, but both of their shows were very busy, including the one we’re talking about know and it seems that in one year, the “only three fans” Brand New have in that city had enough time to gather their friends and fill a 800 capacity venue in the french capital, which isn’t something common for alternative music. And it gives hope. So much that frontman Jesse Lacey even showed a human side for a minute, telling us about how…happy he was to be there that night and sharing some other private info. Brand New know how to remain discreet and build up anticipation and excitement around them, which is exactly what’s happening in Europe this year, with their phenomenal return to a few lucky places.

We’re in Paris, in a club right next to the Moulin Rouge (yes) and with Basement cancelling their appearance due to unfortunate circumstances (the sadness), it was announced that the show would start earlier than originally planned. However, Brand New are emorockstars, so they know how to make themselves wanted.

9pm – tension builds up
9:15 – come.on.
9:20 – Lights off. Show starts.

 From the very first notes of Sink, Brand New showed everyone that they are true masters in what they do. The accuracy of the vocals blended perfectly with a rise of instrumental power, resulting in a finely  vigorous whirlwind of songs, including the likes of Gasoline, Degausser, Sowing Season, Okay I Believe You […], Limousine (MS Redbridge), Sic Transit Gloria … all of the band’s albums were nearly equally represented, which obviously pleased everyone. Especially that the setlist differed a little from the last time  Brand New played in the city. Of course we could cry over the fact that Soco Armaretto Lime was missing this time, or that we’ll never get tot hear Jude Law and a Semester Abroad live, but that would be obviously nitpicking.  Furthermore, we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy an original stage production, which projected disturbing images, somehow fitting with Brand New‘s earlier and darker sounds, blended with some live footage from the performance we were watching and Vincent Accardi’s fantastic moves. It certainly added value to the show itself, which wasn’t only auditive but also visual, showing that not only Brand New know how to perform good songs, but they also know how to perform a real show, because it looked grand. Another aspect of the concert we did particularly enjoy was the continuity Brand New created between the songs, rarely completely cutting the sound from one to another. It somehow maintained tension and emotion to a certain level, which probably contributed in making this evening so overwhelming to us. As an encore, Jesse Lacey appeared alone at first, playing ‘Déjà Entendu”s heartfelt Play Crack The Sky, which sounded like a blessing. The remaining band members returned to the stage to perform Mene in a last increase of energy, before ending in apotheosis, with You Won’t Know, leaving the stage gently.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait until 2022 to do this again.
Peace out, Brand New, we love you.

Photos : Alisson Nilsson.

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