Show Review : Climates – Paris (FR)

1531556_256030197889492_652242697_nThe french at Above the North were the ones carrying the duty of opening the evening on that night in Paris. Understanding their craft, the musicians deliver a straightforward, strong performance. Furthermore, it’s obvious that they are throwing themselves into their performance – especially lead singer- and they definitely deserve their spot in Paris on that night. It’s, however, a shame that they had to struggle with some microphone issues that wouldn’t let us enjoy fully the vocals…Overall Above the North is a very interesting band that makes a great first surprise for us and we’ll definitely keep an eye on what they do.



Next up are In Archives, a british band we had never heard of before, except that they have a little bit more experience touring with bigger acts all over the UK. With that being said, Paris was their first show of the tour and most of all their first ever show outside the UK. The band goes straight into the subject, stringing together their songs without trying really to connect with the crowd, speaking of which was formed by a good dozen of people, but anyway. If In Archives were technically and musically really good, with those ‘complaint-screaming’ vocals, we also appreciated their lead vocalist Zakk Pinchin’s presence, even though it was maybe too oriented towards the sides of the room and less the audience. I’d like to think we caught them on a bad day, which might have made it difficult to them to give their very best and we forgive them because they’re still a great young and promising hardcore/metal act. Now that they have completed a tour and gear up for the next one (in May, with Sworn In), we’d be curious to see them once again and hopefully in better conditions, with more people  in attendance.


The locals in Early Seasons were proudly waving the french flag on this tour and rightly so, after a pretty good year 2013, the band who has recently signed a deal with Artery Recordings is getting ready to release a debut album in a few days. However the technical issues won’t spare them either, but they handled things like pros and still managed not to be disturbed by that. Their performance was pretty good and a little more people were entering the room and participating to the festivities. At this point, Early Seasons were doing a great job awakening the audience, all in a good mood. They played for 20minutes a selection of their signature post-hardcore, including Welcome to Salem and the most recently released Redemption. However, the very low microphone volume prevented us from totally enjoying a sick performance of the band.


One thing we have certainly suffered from were the very long shiftings, that will later make the headlining band Climates cut their set short. Very short. Which is a major, major shame because this was the first time Climates headlined Paris, but also because it was the very beginning of a real, intense musical moment connecting the fans and the band in best sound conditions. Wes Thompson got as close to the people as possible, singing in a way that could only make you think he does mean what he says, while other musicians were giving everything they had for a memorable evening. After only three songs, the band got informed that they had to leave the stage soon, which is why they only played one more song, What Means The Most (correct me if I’m wrong). They way I perceived things is that everyone was fully happy and satisfied while the band was performing and even more when we knew we arrived to the last song, but it felt absolutely frustrating at the same time for all the people in attendance and probably to the band itself. Hopefully they’ll have the occasion to play again in Paris but let’s say for real, this time.

Many thanks to One Heartbeat Productions


Climates : Facebook / Debut album coming soon
In Archives : Facebook / Official website
Early Seasons :  Facebook / Interview / Debut album ‘Redemption’ out March 18
Above The North : Facebook / Bandcamp 

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