Show review : Close Your Eyes + Guests – Paris (23.10.2014)

CLOSE YOUR EYES – Paris headline show
w/ Erased, Mind the Thorns, Glowin Shadow



 We’re at a tiny tiny basement venue in Paris, called Le Klub and our rendez-vous today is with the american band Close Your Eyes and quite an heteroclite but enjoyable set of opening bands.

French opener Erased is welcoming us with an original sound. However, they did sound new to all of this and a bit clumsy music-wise. It’s a shame when you could clearly see that they tried to create something new. The band  put such an great energy in their performance that they even broke a snare! A quick replacement followed, leading to a really nice introduction with the drums and awekened the crowd. That’s when we realized that many of the people there came out to support Erased, which was lovely to see!

Second band on stage is the female-fronted Mind The Thorns, that brought a new fresh sound, making the difference. The band obviously had finely worked music under their belt, that they showcased through a well-crafted performance. Unfortunately, a power blackout paused their set for almost 20 min. No electricity, no more music? Well, the crowd apparently disagreed, which led to an entertaining, well-acclaimed drum solo. Thankfully the power came back on and Mind The Thorns were able to play one more song. Technical problems aside, this set was definitely short but was rather memorable!

As for Glowin Shadow, they came off as the original touch of the evening, as they were slightly different from the rest of the line up. Which wasn’t a bad thing. Glowin Shadow played some more alternative rock, sometimes reminiscent of current bands such as Set It Off or Get Scared for the theatrical dimension they bring to their music. Things sometimes sounded a little bit clumsy, but we were overall positively surprised by the vocal performance of the parisian quintet, which brought some more positive energy to the room. If it didn’t exactly get people into the mood for some strong hardcore music, it has at least set a great atmosphere. Glowin Shadow have an interesting potential that they should definitely keep exploiting and exploring.

For their first time overseas, the brazilians of Every Man In An Island did an excellent impression on Paris’ audience. Kicking off things very strongly, the band immediately aroused the involvement of the people. The energy was back again in full, as the band followed up its well crafted metal/hardcore songs to a visibly satisfied audience. Frontman Dih didn’t mind approaching the crowd and just as the remaining band members, he knew exactly how to lead the show and awaken the people. Playing songs both from their full length and recent EP ‘Humans’, Every Man Is An Island definitely set themselves as a force to be reckoned with and the least we could say at the end of their muscular performance is that we cannot wait to see them again!

It’s finally time for the much awaited Close Your Eyes, who were playing their first parisian show ever. Despite the venue being really tiny, a lot of people showed up for them and we could see that the majority of the twenty-somethings in presence kind of grew up in their late teen years listening to Close Your Eyes. The crowd was conquered right as the band entered the stage and it had a lot to do with frontman Sam Robinson, that we can qualify as a beast! Things quickly went off the charts and at this very moment, Close Your Eyes became the definition itself of a punk show. Diving between songs from both ‘We Will Overcome’ and ‘Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts’, significantly less songs from the most recent record have made the cut to the setlist, but it didn’t take anything off Close Your Eyes impressive performance. Between moshpits and lead vocalist’s active involvement in the craziness floating in the room, the show reached its highest point when Close Your Eyes finally played the -very much requested- hit Song For The Broken that nearly everyone in the venue sang along, as if they’d been waiting for this moment for their whole life. It was really beautiful, even overwhelming to watch all of these people bringing out this much love for music and we were internally wishing we could witness much more of this spirit at shows of this kind. In sum, Close Your Eyes gave us an excellent performance and a great time and we left the Klub with huge smiles on our faces.

Words : Emma F. and Mary B. 

Photos © Emma Forni
Full photo albums available HERE


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