Show review : God Is An Astronaut – Paris (19.09.2014)

F_10x15While instrumental music isn’t necessarily something many people are used to, this evening in Paris definitely showed people that even instrumental bands are powerful and know how to give you a great time.

Opening the evening were the Swedes in Moonlit Sailor. A band we did not know, but who were pleasant to see, with their uplifting post-rock. Both emotional and cheeky, the band played songs that gradually get heavier, along with very clean and distinct instrumental lines, giving depth to their music.  Furthermore it was a joyful and communicative band that was performing, trying their best to connect to their audience. Although Moonlit Sailor were overall well-received, the audience wasn’t always much receptive, which is a shame.

Things really got off when God Is An Astronaut entered the stage. There is no doubt the Irish were much awaited judging by the warm welcome the parisians gave them. Immediately getting into the substance, the band delivered an electrifying and passionate performance on that night. Bolstered by over 10 years of career, God Is An Astronaut showcased a strong identity and appeared visually extremely interesting, with a great sense of aesthetic. The contrast between the band member’s personalities – from keyboardist Jamie Dean’s extraversion to  Torsten Kinsella’s discretion – formed a great balance in the performance. It made it all fun, beautiful and refreshing to watch. God Is An Astronaut played a solid 19-song set, that included established successes such as Route 666, Echoes and From Dust to Beyond, but also a new song, Dark Passenger. The songs built up throughout the set, as the whole crowd was getting warmer and warmer.
Not only their music is excellent and transporting, but God Is An Astronaut are also brilliant, active performers, you cannot get bored while watching them. Jamie Dean jumped several times in the crowd and the whole band connected pretty well with their audience, making the atmosphere completely enjoyable.


Photos © Alisson Nilsson
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 PS : someone filmed the full performance, you can watch it using the following link : God Is An Astronaut / Paris.

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