Show review : Kids In Glass Houses / Canterbury / The Earl Grey – Paris (07.11.13)

1452005_10151705609025812_1128620488_nWith only a few dates for their first European headline tour, we were lucky enough to make it to Kids In Glass Houses‘ Paris show, which was also the latest of this tour, supporting their most recent album ‘Peace’, alongside Canterbury.

Opening tonight for the show were the locals of The Earl Grey. Parisian pop punk outfit took upon their duty the best they could, despite an empty(-ish) room and quite a flabby audience. However, it didn’t take anything from their performance that was positive and spirited, playing a few of their ‘hits’ including the song The Empire, which is I believe their latest single. We could also witness some people singing along the lyrics, which was probably a good point for The Earl Grey.

Next up were the british rockers of Canterbury. This wasn’t the first time they played Paris and they’re always greatly welcome there, however, as frontman Mike Sparks said at some point, the crowd tonight was a bit lower than the usual, especially knowing that even though they’ve got some slow melodies for a few songs, Canterbury are globally a rock’n’roll band that performs music in a way you can’t just stand and do nothing. The band played a short set consisting in classics such as More Than Know and Gloria that everyone was singing along, but they also gave Paris the opportunity to hear brand new songs live such as the very new Think It Over (taken from their upcoming album ‘Dark Days’) that was generally well-received by today’s audience. Canterbury remained true to themselves with their usual good mood and positivity that were truly enjoyable. One thing we could complain about was the fact that we could barely hear singer Luke Prebble, which was a shame knowing that what is delightful about this band is the harmony between Mike and Luke’s two voices. But with that said, Canterbury wrapped up their set with the famous Friends? We’re More Like A Gang getting everyone to sing along to the infinite ‘La, La, La, Oh, Oh, Ohs’. Smart choice, because not only it puts in a great mood, but once you sing, it sticks to your mind forever.

Paris show was the last day of Kids In Glass Houses‘ first proper European headline tour and even though the venue wasn’t full, only real fans were here, showing their love to the band through a warm welcome. The atmosphere was already friendly and oblivious when they entered the stage all smiles, with the song Peace. This one was particularly interesting, setting the tone and showing lead singer Aled Phillips’ impressive vocal ability.
Kids In Glass Houses displayed a lot of diversity in their music, with a smart song choice, drifting from dance-friendly pop-rock(ish) songs such as Drive and Set Me Free to heavier rock’n’roll music in Black Cloud, Artbreaker I or Animals (during which we could fully appreciate guitarists Iain and Joel’s and bassist Shay’s backing vocals).  Of course, the Welsh didn’t forget their old classics Fisticuffs and Easy Tiger that old school fans particularly enjoyed. Another beautiful moment of proximity between the band and their fans was visible during the highly anticipated Lily Rose. The success of this first Kids In Glass Houses headlining show in Paris reached a high point with the perfect closing combo of Give Me What I Want / Matters At All that left everyone singing and jumping, before the first row invaded the stage, under the amused gaze of the band members.

Special thanks to Edward F. @ Trail Of Press
and of course all of the bands on stage


Photos coming up next – New album ‘Dark Days’ out in January / Pre-orders available at Hassle Records.

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