Show review : La Dispute / O’Brother / Eugene Quell – Paris (13.05)

 72975_256789237826094_1116163179_nHere is a pretty cool line-up for that night’s show, being the very first French show for two of the bands playing ! I was actually expecting more people to be waiting when i got there ! But it being a monday, and getting close to everyone’s finals and other exams probably didn’t help. 
The first opener for tonight’s party is a singer, Eugene Quell, having as a backup band two members of La Dispute. His music gives a pretty nice atmosphere, almost calming, which was surprising, but still nice to hear. The crowd however seemed to have a hard time following such kind of music, only starting to show interest after the third song. We could notice that the singer was singing precisely in-tune, never making any mistakes, and that was nice regarding how beautiful his voice is. They left us after six songs (one being dedicated to the next band playing, O’Brother) and a good taste of what was going to happen during the rest of the evening.

We then had the pleasure to watch O’Brother, a five-piece band who seemed as happy as we were to be there. Sadly the sound didn’t give them any justice. Loud guitars could have been alright if at least we could hear the singer on top of them! The crowd still remained quiet, probably disappointed by such a bad sound for such a good band, only moving a bit more during their latest song, Perilous Love, and the last song they played, which happened to be a little softer than the rest of their set, helping us finally hear and enjoy the nice voice of their singer and it was about time !

When La Dispute finally hit stage, the crowd got crazy. We can tell they’ve been truly missed since their last show in Paris, almost two years ago ! Right from their first song to their last, the whole venue is singing along and crowd-surfing. It was for me another proof that this band really shares something special with their fanbase, through the power of their songs. I have rarely seen such a charismatic front man as Jordan Dryer. This man truly lives for what he does, and you can clearly see it when he’s on stage. He gets into the songs he sings in a way the only thing that comes to my mind is that he actually really lives those songs. I admit that he probably isn’t the only one (at least I hope so) but most of the time, you don’t see and feel such a strong and powerful emotion coming out of a singer! When it comes to La Dispute, and Dryer, watching them on stage just makes you fall in love with their music. You have no other choice. You  realize what La Dispute is about for real and what their music is about. And tonight, as usual, the crowd reacted exactly like that. The kids in the front row were so into the songs it was almost magical, especially during songs like A Letter and Andria that they played one after another, which I thought was a really smart choice of setlist. They played King Park as an the encore, which was a beautiful closure to a beautiful night. Let’s look forward to their next show around!

Words : Morgan L. 
Photos : Emma Forni / Full album HERE


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