Show review : La Dispute / Single Mothers / Two Inch Astronaut – May 27th

11061340_817189288362234_6528855120842424191_nIt is the end of May, which means in Belgium all the students are drowning in exams but that won’t stop our brave hearts to seek comfort in what we love the most, music. And it is in a sold out venue where La Dispute will step into, bringing along Two Inch Astronaut, while Single Mothers have been added only on this Belgian show.

The first few moments watching Two Inch Astronaut, we couldn’t help but think that it was an odd choice from La Dispute to bring them along on this tour, as this band was not in the same vein of music. Giving it a little bit of time, we realized that they are surfing on different genres, sometimes lounge and bluesy, sometimes more rock and roll and energetic. People stuck through their set, seemingly enjoying what they were hearing, probably due to the constant change of rhythm, which was quite appealing and rather intriguing. Two Inch Astronaut navigated through their set with a certain ease and seemed to know their craft. The band wasn’t much talkative, but took time to thank both the audience and La Dispute for getting them out on this tour. 

Moments later, a different band appeared with a different energy, for sure. The Canadians in Single Mothers were added to this show last minute, and brought along their very own crowd. They caught everyone’s attention from the very first minutes they went on stage. With a very solid performance, borderline and edgy most of the time, the band members were completely cutting loose. The singer joined the crowd for a little closeness, getting therefore people involved, and passing the microphone to everyone who was willing to sing along. Single Mothers reminded us a bit of Gallows, back when Frank Carter would go nuts on stage, and the guitars would play a sound that could fit into a rave, putting you in a transe. The Canadian punks took the energy in the room to a next level and left everyone on edge while waiting for La Dispute

Here comes the highlight of the night, the reason why this show is sold out, La Dispute. This band has found a simple but efficient recipe, offering a powerful music, through affecting lyrics and the constantly changing beat.
As soon as the first two songs finished, frontman Jordan noticed the dedication of the crowd and explained that Belgium was one of his favorite countries to play in. He was also happy to see people involved rather than hidden behind their cell phone screens (which amazed us too, by the way.) To sum up what we’re seeing and living, unity would be the watchword: everyone gathered in this unique moment singing the same lyrics and living at the same intensity, caught under the spell of music. The band delivered an amazing set, and we would say a little bit of magic happened in that room. La Dispute brought out all the best from us and made us believe that there is a happy place for everyone. The multiple stage dives, and even the singer throwing himself over the crowd at some point took the intensity one step further. Talking about Jordan, he has a contagious craziness, with his very own moves, and the power he gives to every word he says, make him seem to be living every single one of them. The setlist was widely dedicated to the last two records ‘The Rooms of The House’ and ‘WildLife’, with songs such as King Park, Woman (In mirror), Stay Happy There, Harder Harmonies.
As an encore, La Dispute played the unique survivor of their debut album, The Last Lost Continent, the only song that lasts 12 minutes without making you cringe. In fact, you will even want more of it because of all the great good that it can to every inch of your body. In a few words, w
e truly got lost during that hour of time (and we still do every time we listen to La Dispute!)

I’m Yousra, in love with most of the things that earth has to offer, and isn’t music one of its most amazing wonders ? In that purpose, I try to always be on the look-out for every new band that will make my ears happy and my soul filled again.

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