Show review : Man Overboard + Moose Blood + Roam – Paris (April 2015)

Man Overboard - Paris (21.04.15) // © Mariam B. -
Man Overboard – Paris (21.04.15) // © Mariam B. –

When it comes to Pop Punk shows in Paris, the Batofar is the designated venue, and this show is no exception. With such a good line up,no wonder why at 7 PM sharp, when doors open, a small queue has already formed. 

 Atlas For Home  are the first band we get to see on that night and complete the difficult task of being a local opener. With an indie sound served by a band sure of themselves and a cover of the classic FRIENDS theme song, I’ll Be There For You (originally performed by The Rembrandts) they earn the room nodding along to their set, even though the crowd won’t move closer to the stage. The fact it is one of the band’s first shows makes us curious to hear more.

As ROAM take the stage,the atmosphere changes instantly ; the crowd starting to move around and angry fingers raised in the air definitely establish the Pop Punk show atmosphere we know so well. Even though it is the band’s first time playing in Paris, many are familiar with their angry, The Story So Far-esque sound, and the band’s own Alex Costello takes confidence from that. Overall, it is a very successful live debut ROAM make in front of a crowd that is known for being sometimes hard to win over when you’re supporting.

The evening moves to the Emo end of the Pop Punk spectrum as Moose Blood‘s stage set up is put into place; dim fairy lights are lit up and the band bursts into their classic song Bukowski. It goes to show that they are appreciated as a few people start chanting the words at the end of the song, earning a humble smile from the formation’s vocalist Eddie Brewerton. Moose Blood deliver a heartfelt, honest performance, and it’s not hard to tell that the words mean a lot to the people singing along to them.

When headliners Man Overboard take this stage for the second time in their career but first as a headline act, it’s already quite late in the evening, but that doesn’t stop the crowd from punching each other – always for the purpose of defending pop punk, of course- and singing along. One could expect the band to play songs from their latest EP,’Passing Ends’,or their split with Senses Fail, but it seems like the band’s setlist tonight is focused on crowd favourites,with songs from their first releases (I Ate My Gluestick makes a welcomed appearance) and their 2013-released full length ‘Heart Attack’, and well, we’re not exactly against a good classic sing along, but it would have been nice to hear the band defend their latest releases.
Overall, it’s a nice fun set the band delivers to end a really nice evening, full of classics and well known Pop Punk tunes, and everyone leaves satisfied— but not before grabbing their mates and singing along to Love Your Friends, Die Laughing.


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