Show Review : Tigers Jaw + Foxing (August 2015,Paris)

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During summer, Parisian gigs are rarer, but they’re certainly about a hundred degrees hotter, and tonight a solid crowd is already gathered when the St Louis band, Foxing, take the stage for a short opening set. The quintet deliver raw, uncensored emotion to the sweaty, packed venue and we’re moved by their stage presence— even though they already sound amazing in studio, Foxing‘s songs (trumpet included) manage to captivate the crowd, which shows its appreciation track after track.

Tigers Jaw take the (small) stage for their first ever European show and open with their classic track The Sun, sounding true to their signature pop-punk-mixed-with-emo sound that earned them a steady following over the years. Despite the hardly bearable heat, the duo deliver a sharp, well rounded set, and the crowd follows, singing along to Ben Walsh’s brutally honest vocals. In fact, the fact this show  happening alone is a perfect example of resilience ; after having half of their line up quit in 2013, the Scranton band was forced to cancel what should’ve been their first trip to mainland Europe, but one amazing album— 2014 released ‘Charmer’— and two years later, they’re finally here as a two piece, and sounding better than ever. And the Parisian crowd seems to appreciate this two piece so much they put all their sweaty energy into screaming along to the chorus of encore song I Saw Water, leaving everyone, both on and off stage, with a smile.

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