Show Review : ALL TIME LOW / Neck Deep / Real Friends – Paris (March 2015)

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We didn’t know what to expect for Real Friends. After all it was their first french show and no one seems to really know about them in the mainland yet (or at least prior to this tour) and the venue they were playing on that night wasn’t small. At all. However, although the room wasn’t entirely filled when they started, facing a shy audience, the atmosphere wasn’t bad either. As the set unfolded, the enthusiasm in both parties grew. But in all honesty, how not to have a good time, with a band playing lovely songs and making jokes all the time? As bassist Kyle Fasel stated, even though people barely knew their music, tonight’s performance was “all about having a good time.”  Real Friends played most of their successes such as I Don’t Love You Anymore, Loose Ends, I’ve Given Up On You and the energetic, yet filled with emotion, Summer. In beetween jokes and music, vocalist Dan Lambton took time, however, to point out the fact that they, as a band, were sincerely thankful to be playing for “open, accepting and non-judgmental people.”
The Illinois Sad Boys (that’s how they call themselves!) rounded off their 30-minute set with one the fans’ favorite Late Nights In My Car, while a solid group of fans in the central part of the venue was obviously trying to make the most of their short time with the band.

Next up were Neck Deep, who were maybe a little more awaited than their predecessors. In fact they are currently some kind of a pop-punk sensation and we know many people decided to attend these All Time Low european shows because of them. Well, they must have been satisfied as the british played rather a long set, for an opening band and we we’re not complaining! Despite not having a long career under their belts, these guys are excellent performers and know their craft for sure! They know how to connect with their audience and also how to get the crowd moving, because that’s when we witnessed the very first circle pit and mosh pits of the evening. Neck Deep played most of their successes such as Loosing Teeth, Crushing Grief, Zoltar Speaks, Growing Pains and even the power ballad -which apparently turned out to be one of the crowd favorites- A Part Of Me. It was also a pleasant surprise to hear decent singalongs from the audience to several numbers. This performance also highlighted these guys’ generosity, but also their positive relationship with the other artists on the bill, which is great! Dave Knox from Real Friends even joined Neck Deep on stage to shout a few lyrics on All Hype, No Heart, which apparently disturbed the most sensitive ears (to us, it was funny.) Neck Deep‘s performance contrasted a little bit with the rest of the line up, because in the end, their music is a little more “agressive” than the others, which could have sounded odd to the many young All Time Low fans in the room. With that said,  Neck Deep delivered a great performance that got the crowd moving and that’s what’s important!

9pm, it’s finally time for the headliners to come on stage. It’s been a year since the last time they played here and it just seems like the people were more excited than ever before. All Time Low keeps winning over the crowds over the time and their reach is visibly wider. It’s to a sold-out Bataclan venue that All Time Low kick things off, old style, with Lost In Stereo driving the venue into even more excitement. Everyone is screaming and it’s only the beginning. Things quickly go messy, while the band plays another old song, Stella. It’s funny because, even  with several records under their belts and a new one on its way, All Time Low are one of those bands that never  discard their oldest successes and it works! Between the oldest, mostly nostalgic fans and those who had never gotten a chance to see them back to when they were promoting these early records, getting to hear tracks off ‘Nothing Personal’ is a delight for everyone. The set is a smart and balanced  blend between all of these records, although ‘Dirty Work’ is seemingly less represented than the others. No one seems to complain whatsoever and it’s safe to say that the party keeps going, fueled with Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth’s usual dirty jokes.
Anyone would agree on the fact that whether or not you’re a massive fan of All Time Low, their songs, especially live-performed are efficient mood-risers just as The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver and The Reckless and the Brave. Their most recent tracks, Something’s Gotta Give and Kids In The Dark, which has been released only a couple of days before were no exception and the latter, especially, enjoys an excellent reception from the public. It obviously boded well for ‘Future Hearts’; the band’s sixth and most definitely anticipated release.
It’s delightful, as well, to see that the All Time Low guys remain faithful to themselves over the time, down to earth and mostly thankful for everything and everyone surrounding them. A little over an hour has passed and it’s already time for the last song, which is with no surprise, Dear Maria, Count Me In. The crowd is hysterical at this point, the heat probably reached its maximum level and no one is really keen to leave. Thankfully, the band stays on stage a few more minutes, trying to say proper goodbyes to young fans, who are overjoyed to be able to shake hands and high-five the band-members, while Uptown Funk (off the post-show playlist) is playing. If many of us don’t really listen to All Time Low on a regular basis anymore, it’s safe to say that their shows are always a great pleasure!


Future Hearts‘  is out now, through Hopeless Records.   Get your copy if you still haven’t!

Also, we did an interview with Fil Thorpe-Evans from Neck Deep and you can read it HERE.


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