Show Review : Twin Atlantic + The Xcerts – Jc Kavka, Antwerp

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A lot of fans showed up to this show, despite the massive public transport strikes occurring in Belgium on that day. We managed to get there right before The Xcerts started their set, which is a shame because we really wanted to see Get Off My Shoes who just  released a debut album recently.

The Xcerts discreetly entered the stage, while everyone was still scattered around the venue. The band however quickly caught people’s attention. They’re not very popular in Europe yet, despite several years active and a few tours in the continent supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro and Frank Turner in the past couple of years. The Xcerts played a short set, consisting of songs mostly taken from their recent and sophomore album ‘There Is Only You’. Playing tracks such as Live Like This, Pop Songs and lead single Shaking In The Water, the band managed to set a joyful atmosphere in the room and although seeming a bit quiet, the people in the audience seemed to appreciate the music.  There is only three performers on stage, yet their sound displays a great vibe in between indie and alternative rock music. Rather introverted, mostly hiding behind their hair, The Xcerts majestically ended their set with one of their most popular songs Slackerpop, with its electrifying guitars and catchy chorus. The band will leave the stage under a round of applause, scoring another success on this run.

Now it’s time for Twin Atlantic, who were playing their first headline show in Belgium and this time the excitement was tangible, as the room quickly filled up and people got closer to the stage minutes before the band started playing. The band has been around for quite a long time now and has without any doubt a lot of fans waiting for them here. Their brand new record ‘Great Divide’ received mixed critics at its release, between the people who loved it and the critics who blamed the lack of depth this record has. We, however, thought it maybe wasn’t the greatest record of all time, but it was definitely 100% live material. Playing a lot of new songs, such as Hold On and Fall Into The Party, Twin Atlantic have without any doubt found the perfect formula for a live performance in their music that is filled with passion, and lively rhythms, but also relatable lyrics, easily calling sing alongs. The band members gave their all on stage, having a lot of fun, despite frontman and singer Sam McTrusty being ill (he made a lot of jokes about it) and it was beautiful. There were also more quiet moments during which the band played a couple of calm and touching songs, Crashland (joined by The Xcerts’ Jordan Smith for this one) and Oceans. Of course, there is no question of letting early fans down and Twin Atlantic played some of their greatest hits such as Make A Beast Of Myself, The Ghost of Eddie and of course the anthem Free. Speaking of anthems, ‘Great Divide’ has also its hymn, Brothers and Sisters, during which everyone in the room sang their heart out.
The Scottish left the stage after Heart and Soul and a half a dozen of ‘thank yous’, leaving the venue in a cheerful atmosphere. Definitely a brilliant beginning to a week!

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